{Excerpt from book, Now, While You Are Single: Walking Out Your Purpose Before You Say ‘I Do”}    

I love music!

     I love the beat, I love the way the lyrics and the melody fit together, and I love to dance to music! I get lost in music!

     When I was a little girl I loved to make up dances, and perform them for my parents. Time after time they would have to sit down and watch as I performed my latest dance for them. I even made them watch me perform old dances I had made up over and over again!

     I grew up in the era of vinyl records, and my friends and I would play them so often we would wear them out! We would play them over and over again, and since we were just kids we didn’t really know how to take good care of them, and eventually they would start to skip and repeat until the lyrics and beats I loved so much became annoying!

     Some women remind me of those worn records that would skip and play the same thing over and over. (Of course, I don’t mean YOU!) Every time the record of their life goes round, it plays the same thing: “He said he loved me and was sorry!” “I don’t know why I keep losing jobs!” “Why isn’t it me instead of her?” “I bought it on sale!”

     Give yourself a break! You are a single, vibrant, vivacious woman with a great deal of potential; you should be singing new lyrics by now! But instead you keep finding yourself in the same situation over and over. You get into a situation, get past it and get healed, only to find yourself in the same situation again.

 If you are ever going to break out of the cycle and live a life of purpose and passion you are going to have to get strong. You are going to have to build your life from the ground up, and it’s going to take time, and it’s going to be work.

     You will need to begin with a strong foundation, so when troubles come your way, (and they will) you can have a soft landing. You need the kind of foundation that doesn’t get rocked every time your world experiences a little shake.

     Are you ready? Let’s go!

{End of excerpt}

 [title subtitle="Singles Edition"]Design Lab[/title]

Dreams ~ Healing ~ Dream Launcher Friends ~ Purpose

CW is excited to launch our summer workshop, Design Lab! For our summer edition, single girls 21+ will come together for a power night of faith, fashion and of course, fun shopping. 

$30 tickets includes: 
~ Book ~ Special gift from Grace and Lace ~ swag bag ~ Light bites ~ Drinks


Personal Shoppers on hand!

It’s our way to get dig deep and help single women one-on-one discover their dreams, identity and purpose. During the evening, groups will rotate between beauty & education sessions with power teachings and activities featuring the book: 

Now, while you are single: Walking out your purpose before you say “I do”

Beauty sessions: Makeup, shopping vendors 

Join us for a night that will transform your dreams into legacies.

Proceeds will benefit the CW Foundation and summer campaign, She Designed Her Dream & Launched A Legacy. 

Featuring the book: Now, While You Are Single: Walking Out Your Purpose Before You Say 'I Do'