Playing Tag At HEB On Thanksgiving


“Oh no! I can’t believe I forgot that at the grocery store! I’m going to have to go back or maybe…..Hoit, can you run to HEB really quick? I forgot the eggs!”

Ugh, the countdown is on, and the clock won’t stop! It’s 24 hours until kickoff, aka, Thanksgiving, and I still have to do three loads of laundry, get the guests room ready, get toothpicks for my dad, straighten the house (only to be torn a part again) and, of course, start cooking. And by the way, I have a birthday party to plan on Saturday for my daughter’s first birthday.

It never stops, and I’m sure many of you can relate to the craziness of the season. What happened to the snow on the ground, football playing and fun travel games like the families on T.V.? I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m playing tag at HEB more rather than flag football in the backyard.

This past summer, I remember there was a time when I became real intentional about my kids having a summer. It was one of those moments where you have life hit you in the face and say, “You’ll never get this back.” With that thought, I said a lot more ‘Yes’ than ‘No’ and watched my 4-year-old play on her splash pad more than splash around in the kitchen sink.

So, why not do it for Thanksgiving? It’s a week to give thanks for all that you have, so why not actually enjoy all you have -- family, friends, food on the table and the sticky hands of kids.

As a girl who loves to throw a party, I’m often the one making sure everyone is having a good time laughing, but seem to be the one left out of the laughs while I stand watching making sure everyone is included. So I’m encouraging you the same way I’m encouraging myself, to say “yes” a lot more this week than “no.” Say ‘yes’ to sitting down at the table so you don’t miss out on the conversation and laughter. Say “yes” to watching your kids play with their friends or cousins outside instead of cleaning the kitchen (that’s not a hard one). Say “yes” to playing a game with the family instead of going back for that third plate of turkey (That was for my sister who is a fitness coach). Say “yes” to having a real conversation rather than, dare I say it….watch football! Okay, maybe I’ve gone too far!

Thanksgiving is but one day out of the year, and we prepare and clean up more than we seem to enjoy it. Maybe this year, we can all say “yes” to actually stopping to give thanks instead of making sure the sign on the wall that says ‘Give Thanks’ is straight on the wall.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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