Summer Lovin’

It all started with my favorite fashion hippie, Nicole Richie. Years ago when she decided to part ways with Paris and become her own lady, we saw a gentler, tinier, more fashionable side of Mrs. Richie (er, Madden?). She wore head scarves and dangling necklaces to accent her bikinis. The jewelry/ swim suit combo can now be seen on celebs in nearly every summer edition papparazzo picture. So let’s just be honest for a minute. I own an accessory boutique, I am a serious fan of fashion, and who doesn’t love summer? But swim suits and bling on us everyday folk — is it even possible? Indeed it is! The key to this summer  trend, like with most things in life, is moderation. In everyday life I am sort of obssesed with arm candy; in summer accesorizing life, no one wants salt water trapped beneath a Michael Kors watch and 25 bangles. With that being said, tone it down a little ladies. Less is more when you’re adding jewelry to your swim suit.

Stacks on stacks.

Katie wears ‘Indies’ earrings and tops bracelets over each other with ease

See how easy it is to add a little extra oomph to that two piece? Another favorite of mine is adding length to the ultra simplistic beach look by throwing on a necklace or two. Layering different necklaces is an easy way to add to your look without going overboard. Chains and charms can create movement and length. Be sure to choose the right type of chain, one that won’t leave a damp feeling that can be created by a heavy piece. See: Katie and Maryanne in subtle additions below

Maryanne and Katie wear ‘Lanky’ and ‘Branded’ necklaces


Katie demonstrates how easy it is to layer and lenghten

In essence, the trick to looking effortless is usually making the effort to look that way. A short and simple summary of how to accessorize like the stars without looking ridiculous can go a long way when summer is full of pool parties, beach days, vacations, and cookouts. To find any of the pieces shown visit Photo credits: Jordan Ott (find her on facebook!)  



Nadia was born and raised in New Orleans. In 2005 she ventured out on her own to Dallas, Texas, where she had one friend, two suitcases, and high hopes. She graduated college but her gypsy spirit kept her on the move. From Texas, Nadia moved to Florida, where she lived for five years with her husband. As a native New Orleanian however, Nadia felt she had no choice but to move back home and contribute to the culture and society she was raised to adore. When she isn’t writing about life as a twenty something, Nadia enjoys traveling, shopping, and designing jewelry. Other vices include eating out too often, straying from her budget, and biting her nails.