Block It Out – Hot Trend

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Color! It’s everywhere this fashion season. But it’s being used in a more un-common way than before.The new trend is “color-blocking”. The concept couldn’t be easier to comprehend: wearing articles of clothing in chunks, or “blocks” of color. The idea is to piece together vibrant colors you normally wouldn’t think “match”. This can range from a casual capri, to a tailored skirt, or just a fun and funky bag. I’ve also noticed, I’ve spent less on purchasing clothes because I can mix-and-match pieces more so than before. You can go weeks without having a repeat affair. And saving money always makes a girl happy Be bold! Throw caution to the wind and trying pairing a few things together. There’s really no way you can go wrong.   1.) I love a polished pencil skirt at the office and yet there’s still room for a little jazz.  A V-Neck sweater follows the same tailored effect, but the blocks of color come in way of green and lilac and small hints of red and gold in a belt and necklace. 2.) Neon’s like this yellow are a must! The richness of the blue on bottom, heighten the concept while still keeping a classic look. It’s been paired with a red purse and longer necklace with hughes of orange. (Hint: Necklaces should hit either above the breast line or below, but never on. This keeps “the girls” from becoming a main focus) 3.) Going for a more casual look? Try your color in a skinny capri. Here, it’s paired with a less vibrant blue and then a burst of yellow in the belt and necklace off-set the combo.



Erika Gonzalez is in her late 20's and is Texas born and bred! She currently resides in Washington, D.C. where she is a reporter for NBC Washington. She's a single, energetic and vivacious Hispanic woman that came to Christ after years of "religion vs. relationship".