Fall Hairstyles

  Fall is here and it’s time to spice things up. Start things off by warming up your color. Going darker is always a go to for the fall, but why not do it with a little heat? Another look for the fall is the classic finger wave. This gorgeous style isn’t just for the cinemas anymore. Look for this 20’s inspired soft finger wave in short hair and up-do styles. It’s a classic way to dress up for any formal occasion.   Spring was the season of the “top knot”, but it looks like those “sock buns” are here to stay. Not only are they fabulous,but the waves you get as a result on the second day aren’t too shabby. They’re even a bit chic. However you decide to mix it up, always remember, healthy hair is beautiful hair.



Email Coby Coby is a business owner, mother of three and best friend to her husband, Mario. Anyone that knows her, can say she is a "fighter!" As a woman with many talents, she's a role model for fighting to keep her family first in her life. When it comes to hair her philosophy is simple health hair is beautiful hair. CobySalon.