Fashion Goes Global

Hot, hot, hot!
As someone who tries to stay current on the latest trends and fashion I must say it is absolutely exhausting. There are times I leave the house and clearly could not care less about what Vogue says in style, it just gets hard keeping up! However, there is a new trend that I hope catches like wildfire and people never tire of, and that is the trend of social entrepreneurship. The most well known brand associated with social entrepreneurship is Toms. Toms have traditionally made canvas flats for men and women, with a distinct design. I am a fan. The shoes are comfortable, flexible in all seasons, and perfect for packing and traveling. Recently though, Toms have updated their design for a current summer trend, wedges. For each pair of Toms purchased, the company donates a pair of shoes to someone in need. The wedges shown below can be purchased at Nordstrom but Toms are sold at a variety of stores, including Whole Foods.

Olivia Wilde spotted wearing classic Toms.

The wedge.
  Many well known designers who are not necessarily social entrepeneurs, have become more globally aware. In the wake of some pretty awful natural disasters designers have stepped up to help in a way they best know how– with fashion. After the earthquake in Japan Anna Sui designed t-shirts to raise money for the victims. Possibly the most well known designer for social change and awareness is Kenneth Cole. While some designers help the global community, Cole gives back to the marginalized citizens stateside. A new line labeled “Awearness” offers a range of items, from t-shirts to rain boots, and 10% of proceeds go to homeless people living with HIV/AIDS.

Awearness by Kenneth Cole.

Rainboots aren't only for winter!

              I must admit, I have saved the best for last– my favorite summer trend, the bright colors! Hot hues are everywhere and I love it. I was elated when I saw Kate Spade partnered with Women for Women International, an organization which provides employment for women in places like Rwanda and Afghanistan. The results are dynamic.

Rwanda Beaded Bracelet.

Women for Women Bag.

              This summer there is no lack of color or options. Desginers have made it easy to celebrate the most carefree time of the year. Let your eyes indulge and let your heart feel full when you shop socially responsibly!



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