Editor’s Note: Ready or Not

Labor Day weekend officially marks the end of summer for most as kids head back to school, fall initiatives are rolled out at work and sandals prepare to be put back on the top shelf until the first scent of fresh flowers peak through again. Yes, it’s that time again where your dreams of snuggling up in the warmth of lush sweater and pulling on your equestrian boots that go with everything is closer than ever!  It’s the time of year that I yearn for during the hot summer months that I stay hidden in my house unless there is a promise of a pool or lake as the destination. I love summer and all the frolicking it brings, but there’s nothing like the cool, crisp hair brushing against my favorite trench or leather jacket as I sip my pumpkin latte from Starbucks.  It’s what puts a smile on my face. So you may be the girl who insist that flip flops really can be worn with sweats, but ready or not, fall is here.  It’s here and it’s bursting from every store window, every magazine and every fashion girls closet is cheering from the rooftops. For me it marks time of year when window shopping makes me feel like I’ve arrived to the promise land as I gaze upon some of the most beautiful creations every made and dare to try them on.  As I look into the dressing room mirror feeling the warmth of soft, lush fabrics against me, I smile and look forward to the coolest of days ahead when my breath gets lost only in the steam that rises from my latte. Happy Fall Fashion!



Fashion has been a lifelong passion of Heather’s. After earning a degree in Fashion Merchandise, Heather worked at Express and Saks Fifth Avenue. Her experience revealed to Heather the uniqueness and beauty of every woman. As she transitioned from the fashion world into ministry at Shoreline Church, it became Heather's passion to help women of all ages to find their purpose in life. As Founder and Editor in Chief of Created Woman Magazine, Heather combines her love of both Fashion and Faith to empower women to become the woman they were created to be, both inside and out. Heather is also a wife and mother who enjoys time on the lake with her family. She loves to laugh, have coffee with girlfriends and her favorite fashion trend is always a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.