Girl Talk #5: Kelly Rucker

Girl Talk #5: Kelly Rucker

Every month Created Woman take one of our 6 core principles to focus on and everything we do from online devotionals, podcasts, and event all center around this one idea. 

The month of March is all about Identity and to kick things off, our first guests really knows a thing or two about identity and what it looks like to wear different hats in different season of life. Her name is Kelly Rucker.

Kelly Rucker is the founder and curator of Mama Well, an online community that encourages women in motherhood & faith through shared stories, thoughtful content, and helpful resources. She is also one of the leaders for Camp Well, a soul-care retreat for dreamers & doers. Kelly lives in sunny Austin, Texas with her husband of 10 years, their two daughters, and baby #3 due this Spring! Follow along @themamawell

She’s also a mama of 2 with baby #3 on the way and she talks about what it looks like to be a business owner, wife, mama and all the roles we as women have in our everyday life.

I know that every single one of us will identify with today’s podcast in some way because as women, we are constantly juggling not just our own schedules, but often those of others.

I can’t wait for you to hear Kelly’s story! She’s a great friend of mine and I know that if you don’t know her already, you will fall in love with her too.

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Girl Talk #4: Jessica Konzen

Girl Talk #4: Jessica Konzen

My guest for Girl Talk #4 is Jessica Konzen and you are going to love her as much as I do! We’ve been friends for a few years now after literally being set up on a blind coffee date by my sister and her sister-in-law. They both knew we would be friends and they were right! Over the years since that first coffee date, we’ve been able to connect a few times and have found we have so much in common from where we are from to how we love fashion.  This month she was our Gather Her guest speaker and she killed it.

 Jessica is a fireball! I love her and ya’ll, she has a story that you don’t want to miss! Jessica truly is an example of no matter what life throws at you, you can use it for good and help others along the way. 

We talk about what complete obedience looks like and how simple it is to really be in a relationship with Jesus.

Jessica Konzen is the Ministry Assistant and Intern Director at Oasis Church in Round Rock, Texas. She’s a mother of three, a marathon runner and a creative visionary who has a passion for the Fathers presence and telling her riveting story of healing and hope. 

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Girl Talk #3: Holly Christine Hayes

Girl Talk #3: Holly Christine Hayes

My guest for Girl Talk #3 is Holly Christine Hayes found and CEO of Sanctuary Project. 

Last month was all about dreams and stirring up those dreams that deep inside of us and learning how to take dream steps every day. But the truth is, sometimes you have to go through some much muck and mud to get the other side.

That’s why for the month of February, Healing and self-care is our focus. I know, I know! It doesn’t sound AS exciting, but trust me, it’s a vital part of living a life full of purpose. So just sit and listen and take it in. You never know you might learn something that you can share with a friend that needs it.

Holly recently sat down with me to share a little bit of her story and the practical steps she took to care of herself and to get to the other side of Healing. And although healing is a life process because things happen all the time – I mean its’ just life - I believe we ALL can take the steps Holly took no matter if we’ve been through trauma like her or something that is so common among so many of us like anxiety, depression or hurts by loved ones. 

In true Girl Talk fashion, we laugh through it all and I promise you will love it!


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Girl Talk #1: Cheryl Luke

Girl Talk #1: Cheryl Luke

My first guest for Created Woman podcast, Girl Talk, is my very has been my very own dream launcher friend for over 10 years, Cheryl Luke! Our friendship is a one of the big reasons Created Woman exists. It’s true! We starting meeting weekly back in 2010 to talk about our dreams, encourage each other and write down dream steps for the week; it’s where the term dream launcher friend came from and one you will hear Created Woman talk about ALL THE TIME!