Here and Now

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you ended up where you are? Not really sure how you landed in the Here and Now. And, you find yourself asking the question, ‘I’m here, now what?’ Sometimes life circumstances takes us on a trip that ends up in places we never dreamed. The good news: We don’t have to stay where we are.  Take a quick glance back; you are not where you used to be. Look ahead with confidence.  You have some level of control over what lies ahead. Here are a few things you can do to embrace the Here and Now:
  1. Enjoy the journey – Be a participant not an observer in life.  We only get one shot at this life-thing. There is plenty to do and experience all around.  It is important to be present and available when in the company of friends and family.  Take in as much as you can.  Learn from those around you and make a commitment to share your life with others. Surround yourself with people that will listen, challenge and  make you laugh. Make sure you offer your gifts and talents to help others.
  2. Let go of the past. You are not defined by your past.  It is important to learn from past challenges and victories. Use each one as a stepping stone to propel you towards your future.  Take some time to assess where you are now and what you have experienced in the past.  You will find that you possess the formula for pretty healthy tomorrow.
  3. Hope for a bright future. Jeremiah 29:11 assures us that God has our future in His hands. Live today with an expectant hope for your future.
Life is a definite journey.  Take the time, right where you are and remember that God’s plan is to provide you with a future that He created.  Our choices, at times delay our trip to our final destination, but the good news is, we have a destination.  It has been mapped out and each one of us is fit for this adventure!



Cheryl Luke: Speaker. Writer. Coach. Cheryl has encouraged and captured the hearts of men and women for more than 25 years with her dynamic style. She is extremely passionate to see people connect with their God-given destinies, challenging them to leave behind their past and allow God to weave in them a beautiful life-story. Coming from a single parent home, a cancer survivor and surviving an unsuccessful marriage, Cheryl has emerged as one who understands her frailties, and is unafraid to share her life as source of humor and teaching. Cheryl’s warmth and wisdom resonate as she delivers powerful messages of hope, renewal, and love, through speaking writing and personal relationships. ‘I love people! My mission is to inspire others to identify with their purpose, understand their significance and live with a greater sense of passion. Everyone offers a unique contribution to in this eternal adventure we call LIFE. I want to help people rediscover and embrace their distinct nature and pursue their dreams.’ I am a daughter, sister, aunt, great aunt, anotha’ motha’ and friend. I adore my family and friends. Laughter is necessary. Cooking great food and experiencing it with those I LOVE is essential. Singing, writing, listening to good music and travel are a few of the other delights in my life. Cheryl is on staff at Shoreline Church where she serves as Women’s and Guest Services Pastor.