Because Life Doesn’t Have Instagram Filters

True Story!

The other day, like every week, I dropped off my daughter, Hadley, at gymnastics and then left to go pick up, Hope, my 3-year-old from school. Together, Hope and I always head back to gymnastics to watch my spicy 6-year-old tumble and jump for the last 30 minutes of class and cheer her on. But this week, something happened….

As usual, I dropped off Hadley and waved to her as she walked into the building like a big girl, then continued to drive onto the little school where Hope plays for a few hours a day.  Suddenly, as I was driving on the winding road, my phone rang. 

“Hello, is this Hadley’s mom?” 

“Yes, I said,” only to realize exactly at the moment what had happened. “Today’sTuesday, isn’t it? Hadley has gymnastics tomorrow, Wednesday, right?” 

“Right,” came the voice on the other end of the phone. “But, she can stay here until you get back; she’s fine.”

After I turned the car around and had a slight moment of panic, I began to laugh out loud. How in the world did this happen!?  Am I that crazy that I actually dropped my 6-year-old off to figure out for herself that she was at gymnastics on the wrong day?


As I walked into the gym with a very apologetic smile, I found my sweet Hadley sitting by the desk, not mad at all, but embarrassed with a sheepish smile on her face. As I apologized over and over, I had to explain, “This is not your fault, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed. It’s mommy’s fault!”

I’m only telling this story because I’m very confident I’m not the first mom to make a huge parent fail! Thank God, it was something that we could actually laugh about and not cry over. She was safe, the front desk ladies knew her, and chatted with her just like she was one of their own.

I’m only telling the story, because sometimes you need to be reminded that, as you chase your dreams, you’re still human. Everything may look pretty on Instagram -I mean, really, who couldn’t? The filters are amazing! But in real life, things are just normal - routine at times, tiresome and forgetful. Yes, some are even filled with many parent fails.

I know I’m called to create; I know my purpose is to help women. I know that each time I say “Yes” to something God is calling me to do I also have to re-evaluate my life, especially my family life, to see what shifts need to be made. 

As you are reading this, you may be thinking about your dream and have wondered, “How in the world can it really happen?”

Let me tell you something that really made me mad when I first heard it!

When you do only the things God has called you to-do, things just work together and flow like a circle.

Why did it make me mad? Because I was sitting with a small group of women listening to Christine Caine make that statement. My thought was, “Sure, you have assistants, money and the backing of a huge church. Of course it works well for you!”

So that’s my second confession! But today, I get it! 

I’ve said “Yes” to creating a clothing line that will help support women. That’s no small task especially when I look around and see what else we are doing over here at CW.

But here’s the deal….

When you are called to do something that actually…..actually points people back to Jesus and not just your own desires, God provides! He provides time, resources, people and skill. 

That doesn’t mean it’s not hard, because it’s super hard! But it’s not striving.

Yes, there are some days where you have to accept you’re not perfect like the day I totally embarrassed Hadley by dropping her off on the completely wrong day of the week. But, it should be a reminder that you will make mistakes, and you can only do it with God’s help.

Things like that also remind you it’s time to take a little break too! Maybe a good night’s sleep will do you good!

So, as we approach the week we reveal our very first clothing collection, as a fellow mom, dreamer, doer, entrepreneur, let’s pray for each other and build each other. 

Because life doesn’t have Instagram filters.

Clothing Update!

The fabric finally came in to make our samples....yeah!


Reveal February 17th:
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Heather Frierson


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