Must Have Layered Looks for your Winter Closet

Look #1 Camel Trench Coat

One of my favorite things to do this season is to go on as many walks as I can and enjoy being outside. Whether it’s a walk in the neighborhood or spending the day downtown, I just love to get dressed up for the season and be outside enjoying the weather. Nothing reminds me of this more than opening up my closet and pulling out my favorite trench coat. Trench coats always look great for the winter season, and having a camel colored coat in your closet is a must! The structure of the coat dresses up any outfit, while the soft color gives a more relaxed feel to the overall look. Pair it with your favorite turtle neck and jeans for a casual day outfit. Mix in a heel or your classic tennis shoes and you’ll look effortlessly put together! This look is particularly great because it is comfy and chic with little effort.


Look #2 Layering Vests

Sweater 1.png
Sweater 2.png

Textures, patterns, colors, I love it all! It’s what makes fashion so fun and this look is no exception. Take your favorite knit sweater and layer it on top of a pretty solid or pattern collared shirt. This is the time where you can let your creativity run wild and mix and match patterns that you love. Try to wear a collared shirt with a pattern that has a lot going on, so that it is mostly covered by the sweater and only shows hints of the design. This way the eye is not too overwhelmed and you are free to wear a sweater with a fun print too. And of course don’t forget to add something sparkly! Wear a shiny necklace to give depth to the ensemble and bring interest to the eye. I love that you can really make this look your own by the prints and patterns you pair together. It can look preppy and polished, relaxed and fun, or clean and chic. It’s whatever you make it!

Sweater 4.png

Style is all in the details, so I want to make sure and point out what I love about the sleeves. Roll the cuff up one time so that the underneath pattern is peeking out. You can also let the bottom of your collared shirt hang out to give another peek of print, or you can keep it covered. If you are going for a more professional look you may want to keep it covered, but if you like something a little more playful, it can be a really cute detail. One of the best things about layering is that there is no limit to the amount of layers you can incorporate into the look. You can keep it simple with two layers like the above two photos, or add in another pop of color with a sleeveless utility vest for a third layer. This adds more interest to the look and gives you more warmth for the colder months too. Style and function!  

Look #3 A Bright Colored Coat

If you were to look into my closet, you would see one side full of bright vibrant colors and the other half of the closet stocked with coats, blouses, pants, t-shirts, cardigans, and just about every other thing you can think of, all in BLACK. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like you can never have too many LBD’s or classic t-shirts all in different shades of black. It is a regular color choice for me that I wear all season long. Adding in an unexpected bright color is so refreshing and fun! I love this heavy pink coat paired with a black leather skirt and tights. The black skirt and blouse bring balance to the coat so that the pink is not too overbearing. The contrast actually feels very nice and you are able to really see and appreciate the coat. The black and white starred blouse gives a little bit of detail without taking away from the bright color, and the pleating in the leather skirt is also kept simple. Bringing in the matte black studded clutch gives a hint of edginess while still playing up a pretty in pink feel. Rock star mixed with girly girl, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds!

Bright coat 3.png

This vibrant hot pink coat makes me so happy! How could you not have a good day wearing this! Similar to the above outfit, it’s a mixture of hot pink, jet black, and bright white. The vivid colors and horizontal stripes feel Kate Spade inspired. Styled two different ways, one is worn with the arms of the jacket sleeves pushed up showing off layered silver bracelets, while the other keeps the sleeves down and carries a black tote. Both let the black and white stripes peek out at the ends of the sleeves for a fun detail. This is a great way to wear something fun, yet still professional to the office. Because the coat hits close to the knee, wear a pencil pant or slim fit dress pant with a classic black pump. Having a structured jacket in your closet allows you to wear everyday pieces that can easily transition with whatever you have going on throughout the day.

One thing I love about fashion is that you can always learn new tricks and ways to add to outfits that you already have. My hope is that I can be a source of new ideas for you so that you can try them out on your own and feel empowered!

Being a part of a community with other Godly women is so helpful to have when it comes to fashion. I want you to feel that you can come to any of the Created Woman family knowing that we share the same values when it comes to dressing! When it comes to being a woman of God, we know our value and the value that is told by the way we dress. We also know that we are capable of expressing our individuality and love of style in a truly unique way. We send a message to our daughters, our sons, our husbands, and everyone else around us by how we carry ourselves. I believe that as a Christian, not only should we carry our heads high knowing how loved we are by our Creator, but we should also take great care of ourselves on the outside, so that our message to the world is truly genuine!