Confessions from a Control Freak to Avoid Holiday Stress and Still Exercise

With the holidays here, I can quickly go into my “control mode” to have everything perfect for the next few weeks. I will have the perfect holiday menu, plan numerous activities, make elaborate crafts for my kids to take to school, despite not having a creative bone in my body, and please EVERYONE’S wishes to attend every holiday function…if time allows it. Yes, I confess, by nature, I am a CONTROL FREAK. I will attempt to do it all, which is not a healthy nor a positive way to avoid the holiday stress that can happen during this time of year.

For me, I have learned that I can’t do it all and maintain my sanity. I know I have to make exercise a priority when all of the hustle and bustle kicks into high gear. It may not be with the time and intensity I have at other times of the year, but it is the key to avoid the stressful holiday demands, not to mention the extra pounds. When I am tempted to forgo a workout because of everything I have to do, it is usually more about what I think I have to do or undue pressure I have put on myself.   

Have you ever felt or done this?

  • Add tasks to your plate without taking something off

  • Said yes to someone or something before evaluating your schedule or responsibilities

  • Skip exercise because you think you do not have time

Have you tried this?

  • Before agreeing to take on something new, put something else on hold that does not need to be a priority.
  • Instead of quickly saying yes, respond with “can I get back to you on that?”  

  • Stick with your favorite family traditions that are special and memorable and don’t add more.

  • Forget thinking you have to spend a lot of time exercising. Get a “holiday” modified workout. The key is maintenance for the next couple of months.

Decide today that exercise will be a priority and schedule it each week, even if it’s 20 minutes each day. Remember that you are no good if you are not taking care of yourself. Focus on what is really important and ask God to direct your time with all you have to do.

When this “control freak” slips into thinking all plans have to go according to my time frame and way of doing things, I stop and say this simple pray to our Heavenly Father.

Psalm 31:14-15
But I trust you, O Lord,
I say, You are my God,
My TIMES are in your Hands.

Think about it. Is it stressful or do you bring it on yourself? Take some time to evaluate your plans this season with a little walk. Get some exercise and avoid the holiday stress.

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Becoming: The dreamers study guide to launching God-sized dreams.  ~ Just in time for Christmas in paper back or kindle ~

Becoming: The dreamers study guide to launching God-sized dreams.
~ Just in time for Christmas in paper back or kindle ~