Lasso of Truth: the not-so-secret powerful weapon for today’s Wonder Woman

I hate lying.

I really hate liars.

My therapist would reframe this as “I have a strong sense of Justice”

When you grow up the youngest middle child, you get heaping helpings of “life’s not fair” growing up. As an adult, I have chosen to challenge that notion, and to point out injustice everywhere. 

Yes, I already have my Wonder Woman costume for Halloween.   The “new one” – to replace the “old one” I already have.  She is on my water bottle, lunchbox, cell phone cover, backpack, hoodie (times 3), a drawer full of t-shirts, pajamas, tank tops and one bikini I only wear when swimming at my home pool alone. 

I have a strong sense of justice.  I hate liars.

And yet, I have built a comfortable home for the greatest liar of all times.  I have sat by the fire and listened to him regale me with years and years of outright lies.  I have accepted with open ears the complex web of lies that has been weaved over my life, and implanted the seeds of those lies in my heart, my mind, my soul... and sometimes, most egregiously... those around me.

I have believed:

1.     I have to be perfect. When I’m not perfect, I’ve failed

2.     Failure is not an option

3.     I have failed the majority of the things I have tried in my life

4.     I can’t change. 

5.     I don’t want to change

6.     It’s not worth it to try to change (see #3)

7.     I know what is going to happen if __________

8.     ___________ happening in my life means I am screwed

9.     _____________  is out to make my life miserable

And those are the easier ones to call out.  I open the door to so many others when I dive deeper into my heart.

1.     I must keep moving forward in my career

2.     I need to serve the Lord in the same way that _________ is serving the Lord. She is so much better at it than me

3.     I have to change this person’s mind

4.     I have control over the conversations that are said about me

5.     I have control over (insert so many different things here)

6.     I have to be what I and others expect me to be

Every day, one or many or ALL of these lies cross through my head in some version or another.  It wasn’t until I heard Zach Williams song “Fear is A Liar” that I finally plugged into what was going on  - I was giving Satan room in my heart and mind to do what he does best.

John 8:44 calls Satan “the father of lies”.  Think about that.  A father is responsible for the creation, upbringing and direction for his children – therefore every lie that exist in this world, is directly tied to its father, Satan. 

Our very story of hurt and separation begins with the lie Satan presented to Eve in the Garden when he told her that her eyes would be opened and she would be “as gods, knowing good and evil” if she ate of the fruit she was commanded not to eat (Gen 3:4).  If you’ve read the rest of the story (also known as every moment since then), you know that humans never reached god level. It is rather quite the opposite.

My daughter is considering applying for a position in school that will allow her housing to be paid for. More importantly, it will allow her to help serve the Lord within her church community.  She is hesitant to apply, because she has heard a friend wants to apply, and she doesn’t want to upset that friend. She is worried that she will lose her friendship with that person, and others, if she gets the job.  Unfortunately, she has done what we all do – allowed in the great deceiver to paint a picture of what is going to happen – before she’s even started!  It is potentially preventing her from doing something that could build her up and empower her (not to mention limit the debt drowning that can occur trying to pay for school) based on something that hasn’t happened yet. 

How many times have we done that?  How many times have we not applied for a job, gone to an event, invited a friend for dinner, spoken about Jesus to someone who  needs it – because the great deceiver has convinced us that it won’t work out/will work out for the worst?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m done living trapped by lies.  I am ready to live in the truth – that the deceiver was tossed from heaven, reduced to his belly in Eden, defeated by Job, and revealed in the Judean desert at the temptation.  Countless times in the Bible, by millions believers throughout time Satan has been resisted... and he was absolutely blasted into pieces at the Cross.

Prior to his death, Jesus said “it is finished.” This is the most powerful tool we have to fight this cycle of lies we face.  One dictionary definition of finished is; “having lost effectiveness, power, or prestige.” Jesus was making it very clear that Satan had lost his effectiveness.  Those lies have lost their effectiveness.  It is finished.

I encourage each of you to make a list of the deceitfulness and lies that you’ve been enslaved to and after each – pray over them and take away their power and effectiveness- and focus on the Truth.  Pray each day for God to conquer the lies, and for you to recognize each as they cross your mind so you can pray them away as they come through.

Sisters, I boldly pray we stop letting in the great liar and remember we have Victory in Jesus, and an all-powerful Lord.  We can turn from the slavery to fear, and turn to confidence in God’s power and perfect plan...and we don’t even need an invisible jet to do it.  Though if you know where to find one, please let me know (for completely different reasons).

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Jen Hill

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