Reckless Faith #22

I ended the year wondering what I would do about my 2016 resolutions leftovers (Journal #21). I struggled through the idea that I had possibly missed God. But then God challenged me in a significant way. He began to show me that I had put timelines on the dreams, goals, and work He had given me to do, timelines that were not from Him. So when the end of each year approaches and my “work” is not complete, my doubt and lack of faith kicks in, leaving me wondering if I had actually heard from Him in the first place.

As the clock started its countdown to another new year bubbled with anticipation, I realized that God really doesn’t really care it’s the end of the year when most people are making New Year’s resolution – He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8, NIV). When He gives you something to do, He wants you to keep walking and have strong faith until completion no matter the date. There’s no bow that ties up the old year in a box so we can set it aside. The work must go on.

It also dawned on me how often I had started the new year leaving leftovers behind unfinished only to make new resolutions. Un-tapped potential left behind. Dreams unrealized simply because January 1st had come. So many things that were left unfinished.

So there I was, on the other side of my faith struggle ready to walk into 2017 with the leftovers from 2016 renewed with excitement and wonder. The year before, there were two words guiding me in everything I did: intentional and abandoned. They followed me wherever I went to whatever role I was playing – mother, wife, friend, business owner, leader – they stuck with me and kept me focus.

So my question is, “What do I do with these words this year?”

The answer? I carry them with me. I don’t forget what I learned the year before, I implement them for the rest of my life. They are a part of me. However, as I continue to pursue my goals and dreams with leftovers in hand, these goals and dreams, the work God has put before me, I felt a sort of release, a new energy if you will, and a new word sprung up in my heart, one that took me by surprise.


This word doesn’t seem safe. It can often go hand in hand with irresponsibility or a badge of honor that is reserved for those who do not care about the consequences for them or others.


How could reckless go with what I learned last year – being and living intentionally? Reckless seemed to shatter everything I had come to know about being intentional: plan, deliberate, in the moment, focus.

Reckless felt, well, reckless, and like I would be throwing everything away that I learned through my journey of making wise decisions. So I began to ask what that looked like. How could I go from being intentional to reckless?

Then one morning, I began to see that reckless alone can be just plain reckless. But paired with what I knew God was asking me to do, which was not doubt my faith, the whole picture began to take shape.

Reckless faith.

I opened my journal and this is what poured out: 

Reckless faith, believing adventurously, no holds bar. Say “yes” and going after it with reckless abandonment. You said it, I will continue to believe you will show up no matter the circumstances. Walk in faith with reckless belief.

Dream recklessly. Taking off strongholds, throwing off the why or how but going.

Recklessly blind. Blind faith.

Lead recklessly. Let’s do it!

Reckless. Reckless faith. It’s invigorating, it reminds me I serve a BIG God. No matter the consequences of being judged or what logic says, we respond with yes, let’s go leaving comparison and doubt behind. We should continue to use wisdom, and everything should be backed up by scripture (remember Hebrews), but when we know that it is of God and we have sought wise counsel, then we should have a faith that is reckless. One that does not doubt. One that throws seed everywhere spreading our faith to everyone and everything we come in contact with.

Live recklessly abandoned to the call that God has on our life.

So no, I will not let 2016 go. But instead, take with me the lessons learned, the truth that it taught me and pair with the new that God is giving me.

For your journal time today, what is God asking you to take with you and are you ready to have reckless faith in what He’s called you to do?

Reckless definition: Marked by lack of proper caution:  careless of consequences. – Merriam-Webster, January 15, 2017


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