Miniature Giants & Making God Laugh

It was around two years ago when my big, beautiful quarter horse first came face to face with a very small and cute miniature horse. It was quite the unexpected scene. I pulled up with Bert to the arena for a night of events and fun with my horse and other enthusiasts. The parking lot was already filling with riders and their horses. I pulled through the first spot I see, park, put my parking breaks on and go around the back to unload Bert. I opened the back of the trailer door, tugged on his tail and out comes my horse.  He immediately seemed tense and on high alert.

Trying not to be too concerned with his behavior, I tied him to the side of the trailer, brushed his coat and saddled up.  Still seeming tense and distracted, I decided to work him from the ground to warm him up prior to jumping in the saddle.  I started working him in small circles with a long lead.  He is full of energy and not paying much attention to my body language or the cues I am giving him asking him to move.  His attention is on the outside of the circle and not on me.

I directed my attention to where he was looking and what do I se? The cutest miniature horse ever!  It became apparent that my horse is more concerned about a horse a 10th his size than he is about me.  We work a lot more on the ground.

It is now 30 minutes until we start the first event, and my horse is covered in sweat.  If he would just pay attention to me and stop being concerned about a miniature horse, we could have avoided all of this. There would have been no extra sweat and work if he would just listen.  We would have just walked up to the arena and done our regular warm up as usual.  But NO… that wasn’t the case! Bert had to do things the hard way.

Where is your attention? Is your attention on the problem? Or the one who solves the problem?

John 10:3 says “The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.” If we would just be still and listen to his voice, we could hear him calling our name and leading us.  If we would just focus our attention on Him, His voice would ring louder than the things of this world. 

Bert was scared of the miniature horse to the point that no matter what else was going on around him, he kept his eyes and attention on it.  I am not sure what Bert thought the miniature horse was going to do to him!  Attack him? Bite him? Jump on his back?  But Bert was sure that this miniature horse was something to be afraid of and he was sure to be aware of the mini’s whereabouts at all times.

At one point, I caught myself laughing at my horse.  Watching my 1800 pound, quarter horse scared of a miniature horse who is ten times smaller than himself definitely gave me a chuckle.  Seriously, what was the mini going to do that could harm Bert?  In that moment, I realize maybe God gets a chuckle out of us. 

Is God shaking his head and laughing in disbelief when we freak out about the little giants that come our way when He knows that He is a million times bigger?

Maybe it seems big and scary to us, believing God for a miracle in our body or a miracle in our marriage.  Maybe it is harder to believe that we serve a God that is Bigger than the Miniature Horses in our lives because if we did then it would mean that we would have to let God have control of all things – the big and the small.  

Is our faith so little that we believe that the giants are bigger than our God?

I don’t think we are truly scared of the Miniature Horses in our lives.  I think we just lose perspective.  We look at needing a miracle in our finances or in our marriages as a BIG giant but God looks at it and sees it as a Miniature Horse.  Perspective is realizing that we have been viewing the Miniature Horse as a Big giant and viewing our Big God as a miniature horse. 

Romans 8:17 tells us that we are “heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.” Bert forgot who He was!  He was a horse – he was bigger than the miniature horse.  One kick from Bert and that miniature horse would have been down for the count. Don’t be like Bert forgetting who you are and who your God is! You are a child of the utmost King, and your King is bigger than any giant in your life.



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