All I Do is Win

I’m not gonna lie. I love seasons where I am just crushing it at life, leading and calling the shots, and my life’s theme song is “All I Do is Win.” However, God has brought me through a season the past two years that has been really challenging for me. The season of, “help other people win.” Never before had I been required to be so humble, surrendering and silencing myself in such a way. For the first 9 months I had temper tantrums, I said things I am not proud of, I dealt with envy like I had never had to before, and I blamed God for where I was.  I was angry…a lot. If I look back, I would liken my attitude to a toddler that hasn’t taken a nap, doesn’t like the shoes they are wearing, and doesn’t want to do “life” anymore. Just a hot mess.

After I stopped trying to fight God in this season, I learned some really amazing things about God, myself and others.

1.     Life isn’t about me. Newsflash, life is about glorifying God not ourselves. I learned that when I lend my gifts and talents to help others succeed, I am glorifying God. Before I would be stingy with helping others grow in areas where I was naturally gifted because, well, what if they were better than me? Now, when I get a phone call from someone asking me to proof read their writing, share my knowledge about publishing a book, or asking advice about a sermon, my heart actually comes alive because I GET to help someone become everything God has created them to be.

2. I learned to celebrate others, genuinely. The ugly truth that was brought to the surface in me was my ability to “celebrate” others if it benefited and ultimately brought praise back to me. Now, I have to stop myself from crying when I get to stand back and watch someone run in the lane God has called them to and succeed in life. I now feel so fulfilled stepping back and just watching God work so beautifully through someone else that the thought of “what about me” never crosses my mind.

3. God doesn’t care about titles. I’ve had SO MANY different titles. Some came with a lot of authority and privilege (authority and privilege I took advantage of), so when I was asked to serve UNDER someone else's leadership I was made aware of a side of me I didn’t like at all. My initial reaction was “no, I’m not serving under their leadership- they don’t know what they are doing… don’t they know who I am?” Then God stepped up to bat and I ended up living the scripture, “pride comes before the fall” (Proverbs 16:18). I learned that I wasn’t placed in that position to usurp their authority, I was there to help teach them how to lead by serving them with honor and respect. I was placed there to help them succeed, not fail.

4. If you don’t tend to your heart you will drift. I started my journey with good intentions and the right heart, but somewhere along the line I became selfish and prideful. I was more concerned about what accolades I was receiving, and how many people knew my name and what position I held then impacting the world for God’s glory. Somewhere I drifted, and my motives became ugly. I stopped asking God if HE was pleased with me because I was too focused on what got me public praise. It is imperative that we are always bringing our motives and heart posture before God asking Him to cleanse us so we look more like Jesus and less like the world.

We have been given the opportunity to help those around us succeed. Sometimes it can appear as a demotion, but even in those seasons, God is shaping and molding us for what’s next. I have learned that there is nothing wrong with serving others with our gifts and talents to help them succeed. In fact we are TOLD to serve others. In 1 Peter 4:10 we are told, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

I thought serving others meant doing it from a position where I would get a pat on the back, the credit,  the applause… but God reframed this for me. Serving means fanning the flame in others, giving of myself for THEIR gain and God’s glory, believing in someone when no one else will, speaking words of life when they feel broken, investing my gifts and talents to help them launch the scary dream God placed in their heart. Serving may also come in the form of speaking on a stage, in front of a camera, leading a business, or being the spokesperson for something, but never allow this to be the only way you will serve with the gifts God has given to you. There are others looking at you wishing they had your strength, wisdom, fearlessness, gifts and talents, to help them become everything God has placed in them to be; be the person who will serve them so they can excel and succeed too.

On this side of things, it is such an honor to get to be a part of things God is doing, and my name and face not being the ones that are recognized. I get to stand back and watch God move mountains and perform the miraculous for others, while investing my gifts and talents in the background. When they win, I actually feel like I am also winning because it’s all for God’s glory anyway. 


Raema Mauriello
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