Do A New Thing

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

God does new things in new seasons for specific reasons. I know that I have been guilty of calling on God to do something that He has done before, in the way He has done it in the past but lately God has been showing me His desire to do what has never been done before for OUR generation.

He is the God of creation, He has the ability to do things through us that have never been done or seen by the world. He has designed us to be innovators and problem solvers. Many of us get frustrated with our journey of beginning something new or having a dream in our heart because we don’t know what the outcome will look like, we often times don’t know what steps we need to take and we struggle with fear or insecurity because we feel like we are alone in our journey. We can call out to God to part the proverbial Red Sea in our life but He is saying He wants to do a new thing in a new way and He wants us to go a way that has never been taken.

I love the above scripture because it paints a picture of God doing God things. When I think of the wilderness I think of trees, bushes and no paths to lead me anywhere and He says, He will make a way in the wilderness. Then it goes on to say the more unrealistic which is to make not just one river but riverS in the desert. Where there was nothing, God shows up on the scene and creates something…because He is God and that is what He does, He’s been doing it from the foundations of the earth and He will continue to do so.

Perhaps you feel like you are in the wilderness or a desert season in your business or family, maybe you stepped out to pursue new idea and you feel like you have hit a wall. Maybe you are paralyzed by fear of the unknown. I hear God saying, “it’s time, I am doing something new. Be brave, be bold, be obedient and step out of the boat.”

God has placed blue prints in your heart for new things. Maybe he has given you dreams you keep rebuking because you think they will never work or no one would buy it. Can I be honest with you? What do you have to lose? You have one life…just one. Are we going to live it to please people and allow fear to hold us hostage from living in the abundance God has designed us to live? Are we going to play it “safe” by doing what everyone else is doing the way they are doing it? It’s a season for us to do a new thing in a new way reaching new people that have been unreachable. He wants to open a door to show people who He is through our obedience.

When God gives us an idea that is outside of the box, fear will be the first visitor knocking on our door trying to sell us garbage, telling us we won’t be “accepted” or “successful” because it doesn’t look, sound or smell like anything that has ever been done before.

You know what else sounded ridiculous when it was just an idea or dream? The automobile, electricity, toilets inside, the airplane, spaceship, computer, cell phone, internet, rap music, Disneyworld, Spanx (thank you Jesus for that invention). Those things were unheard of in their time and now we wouldn’t know life without them. It took a person willing to look foolish, willing to fail, willing to get back up and try again and willing to do hard work to create the uncreated and the never before seen.

This is a season He is calling His sons and daughters to rise up and be vessels for Him to do the, “what no eye has seen and no ear has heard” miracles in the workplace, in our families, in the church and in the world. Let God do a new thing in and through your life.


Do you currently feel like you are in a wilderness or desert season? If so why?

What “paths” and “rivers” can you see God creating around you?

What has God placed in your heart?

What have you been afraid to say “yes” to?

What gifts and talents has He given you that you have been insecure to use?

What scripture can you stand on while you step out and “do a new thing”.

Raema Mauriello