Fashion Friday #3: One Dream Step At a Time

It’s been about a month since we let the cat out of the bag about the upcoming Created Woman fashion line. And honestly, there hasn’t been a lot of progress, but enough to keep the fires burning and the excitement at a high. Every time I think about all the good the upcoming CW clothing line is going to do for women everywhere, I can barely contain my excitement!

But with kids at home more, it’s been a bit of a struggle to keep the momentum at an all-time high to match the excitement. As a mom, it’s important to me to be intentional about making sure my girls have a summer – you know the kind that involves water, crafts and saying “yes” to more fun things like an impromptu trip to the ice cream store. But, with that change in pace, you can understand how the progress on work side can get a little bit dusty.

Like most moms, as the summer comes to the end, there’s a bit of of excitement and sadness realizing ice cream trips will be less, but we’ll have more time to focus and keep a more consistent schedule. I LOVE schedules; I also like to break them.

I’m a true believer it was during the summer the tag line, “The Struggle is Real,” was introduced. Because it is a struggle to try and balance all things mom, wife, entrepreneur, friend and, well you know. There comes a point that that something has to go on the back burner and usually that thing is your thing. Right!?

So as I struggled the last few weeks of summer, there’s been one thing that’s been holding me up and getting me excited for fall schedules.

At Gather Her in July, we featured three panelists that shared about pursuing God’s dream in different seasons of life. It was there that night that I was reminded about the season I am in, which literally means the season CW is in because the two mirror each other by default. As I listened to the ladies, they all had such amazing truth that I found myself agreeing out loud with each of them over and over from the back of the room.  But, there was one statement that has rung in my ear over and over the past two weeks and it was this:

“That’s how motherhood is. Some days you get to live your dream and some days you don’t.”

Let that linger a minute…..

Elaine was telling the story of how she was determined to walk every day during her pregnancy, so that she could stay active and healthy. But as pregnancy goes, you just never know how you are going to feel from day-to-day. So on one particular day, she found she just couldn’t get herself up to go for a walk, and it was then that Elaine heard the faithful words that helped me put this season into perspective.

It stuck me like a knife and for the first time, it all began to make sense for my own personal life. I was finally able to put a label on it, my dream, and why so often I have days that are great and some that are bad. Some that are successful and some that are mediocre.

But, our dreams -we see those as things that we need to pursue, go after and finish. After all, the Bible says to run our race with endurance, right?

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders, and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. (Hebrews 12:1 NIV)

Then why is it we all too often feel stalled, unproductive or finding that we need to put our dream on a back burner for a while. You might not be a mom, but I think you can understand the quote for what its.  Some days, you don’t get to go after the dream. You have to be: the mom who has to take care of the kids, the student who has to study, the employee with deadlines, the empty nester who wants to take care of the grandkids, or the girl who just needs time to heal a bit.

Yes, the dream that’s inside of you is real if it’s God-breathed. But there are going to be seasons where you are running a sprint and others you are taking a slow walk. That’s life. But, the truth is, He brings everything to completion so there’s no need to worry about missing a day because mom-duties call or any other kind of responsibilities like family. He will take care of it and bring it to completion in due season. (Philippians 1:6 NIV)

So where are we with the fashion line? Right where we should be, and I’m so excited to take the journey wherever He leads!

Here’s the break down:

What’s been done:

·      Classes are in session and are awesome! Thanks Factory45

·      Designs are sketched

·      Fabric swatches are in


What’s left:

·      Creating a sample design to try on…super fun! We should make it a party!

·      Choosing a manufacturer

·      Production!


Our goal!

·      Showcase at Style Speaks 2018 on February 24th

So mark your calendars now for Style Speaks V, because I know that a dream without a deadline is really just an unrealized dream. I also know that when I say things out loud, or write them down, it’s hard to back down. I’ve found that God has used that tactic with me over and over. It’s a big gulp to say things out loud when you don’t know the outcome yet!

So from one dreamer to another, keep walking girl because some days you get to live your dreams and sometimes you don’t.  Just GO! He will bring it to completion.


Heather Frierson