Fashion tips from your non-fashionista

These days you are more likely to find me in a pair of scrubs (because I’m a nurse) or athletic gear than a fashionable outfit. I do, however, occasionally manage to slip into something a little more sophisticated and a little less “mom”. In fact, I have always enjoyed wearing something nice and feeling pretty in it. While I know nothing of runways and very little about the latest trends, over the years I have learned a thing or two about fashion that I feel are key for any woman. Here they are, plain and simple, fashion tips from your non-fashionista:

1.    Proper fit is crucial. So, if the word crucial seems strong, it is and I meant it that way. If I put something on that is too big or too small, or something that is cut in a way that doesn’t work for my body, it can make me look terrible. It is so strange to me how the same person can literally look 20 pounds heavier when they wear ill-fitting clothes. Be careful ladies, sometimes the latest trends are not for you! If it hugs your body in the wrong places and hides your “assets”, you may want to reconsider that purchase.  

Each of us has a unique body type, size, height, and figure. Sometimes it can take some hunting, shopping at different stores, and even alterations, to get the right fit. What I have learned is that it is worth a little extra effort to get the perfect fit. You will look better, feel better and get more wear out of an outfit that you are comfortable in, one that was made for you, not someone else’s outfit that you are trying to make yourself fit into.

In the story of David and Goliath, David refused to wear Saul’s tunic, coat of armor, and helmet. He said he could not fight the giant in them because he was not used to them. David knew that he had been anointed and prepared for this battle, and he knew what he needed to wear. Clothed in the proper-fitting attire, armed with weapons God had prepared him to use, he defeated Goliath.  

God is also preparing you and I to share his good news with the world in our own way. The closer you grow to him, the one who created you, the more you will understand what “fits” you. Sometimes we try on things that weren’t meant for us, and it is ok to admit that and move on, prayerfully, in search of a better fit. God made the perfect way for you to serve him and bring him glory, and you will know it when you find it, because it will feel comfortable, joyful and just right for you.

Now, don’t think that because I use the word comfortable I mean easy. Remember that perfect-fitting outfit? The one you had to hunt for, save up for, maybe even take it to get it altered? None of that was easy, but eventually it was worth it when you ended up with exactly the perfect fit in the end. 

2. Supportive, well-fitting undergarments can make a HUGE difference. Saggy “girls” are not flattering. Panty-lines that make you look like you have four butt cheeks instead of two are unattractive. The right undergarments make all the difference in the world, can smooth out places that were less than smooth and can actually make you appear different on the outside.

Just like with fashion, when we are walking in this world day after day, what is underneath our outward appearance counts. Building on the example from David’s life, when Samuel was looking to anoint the next king, God told him that the outward appearance was not important, because God looks at the heart, and David was said to have a heart after God. Proverbs 14:30 says “A heart at peace gives life to the body”, which tells us that when we give our hearts to God and find peace that comes from only him, it will give life to us that is physically visible to others. God sees our hearts, our intentions, our selfish desires or our will to give our lives to him. And I believe when we set our hearts on him, he will lead us to be visibly, outwardly changed.

I also know it is possible to be outwardly living in a way that looks Christian with your heart actually in the wrong place, and this is just as dangerous. Sometimes the problem with a bad fit isn’t the fit at all, it’s me. Sometimes I need to examine what is on the inside and make some changes in order to fit perfectly into the place God made me to fit in. Make sure your foundation is Christ, that your support comes from God and not this world or yourself. It will make such a difference. 

3. The best outfit will make you stand out in a crowd, not fit in. This last one is important. How do I know I have found a really fabulous outfit? When I look in the mirror and absolutely love what I see, and when my trusted friends continually complement me in that same outfit, I know I have found fashion success. It is about how the colors complement your skin tone, how the clothes fit your body, and how the person you are is complemented and enhanced by the clothes you are wearing. Great clothes, the ones that were made for you, make others look at you and see your beauty.

We all want to be a Proverbs 31 woman, but in order to achieve that (or even come close) we have to dare to be different from the world. Stand out. Display the heart He gave only you, use the unique gifts He made you to use, and look to him to enhance your beauty in ways only He can. Look for affirmation in your time in the word, in the satisfaction of the God-given desires of your heart, and also affirmation from your Christian friends who love you and take notice when you are your most authentic self. If we can all do that, what a powerful force for God we will be. And how beautiful for our Creator to look upon.


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Gena Anderson



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