Acorns and Treadmills

As 2017 came to an end, many thought about resolutions for the new year.  Are you planning to lose weight, stop eating junk foods, or maybe just to get in shape? Maybe you want to decrease stress or work on finances. Jumping into a new, strict routine can work, but for many of us these huge goals quickly become overwhelming and seem so far out of reach that we give up. This is why in January you will find your local gym bustling with folks, and that very same gym just a few months later will be full of empty treadmills.  As you think about how to take your health up a notch, here are a few things to consider:

1.     Plant some acorns. Remember, big oak trees don’t appear overnight, they grow over time from tiny acorns.  One way to increase your chances of successful, long-term changes is to start with a tiny change that will take you a tiny step closer to your end goal, and make that part of your everyday life. For example, if you want to work on fitness, find small ways to increase your activity that are triggered by things you already do, such as taking a walk around your office every time you get up to make coffee or doing a few pushups after every time you use the restroom (don’t laugh, it works). Over time, increase your walking distance or number of pushups.  Joining a gym or re-committing to go to the gym you are already paying for is a great thing to do, but if exercise is something you have to make an exception for, and not a habitual part of your life, your chances of sticking with it are lower. Think about what “acorns” you can plant to become a healthier you.

2.     Decide which tree you need to grow. According to experts, relationships, professional life, creative expression, spiritual connection, finances, and environment all impact our overall mental and physical health. Where are the problem areas in your life? Maybe you need to lose weight, but your job is so stressful or finances are such a mess that they are making you physically unwell and triggering you to eat the wrong things. What “tree” do you want to focus on growing first, and what “acorns” will get you started? If you’re not sure, pray that God will reveal them to you.

3.      Think about the acorns, not the tree. If you focus your overall goal (weight loss, reduced stress, etc.), you are more likely to become overwhelmed and give up. Once you have figured out what your “acorns” are, think about them. For example, instead of getting up in the morning and saying “today I am going to decrease stress,” I can say “today I am going to start and end my day reading my Bible” because I know that will help me to be less stressed.

4.     Find your soil, sunshine and rain. It is hard to be successful if your environment doesn’t match your goals. If you have a fridge filled with leftover holiday pie and a pantry full of junk food, losing weight is going to be hard. Whatever your goal is, think about your surrounds and what you should change. Remove any barriers and set up your environment for success.

Sometimes the best approach to change can be to make small, consistent changes that equal steady progress toward better health. One day, you will look in the mirror and see the fruits of your efforts. Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2018.

Gena Roberts


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