Don’t get Boaty McBoatfaced when pursuing your dreams

Nobody cares. Let’s get that clear up front. When it comes to your dreams, nobody cares about them like you do. In today’s crowd-sourcing, social media driven society, our lives are more public than ever before, and the need for approval and reassurance from friends and acquaintances alike has become a driving need for so many of us. Also - it almost never works out the way we hope it will. Take for example Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council. In 2016, they wanted to raise awareness for a project involving a research vessel to hit the seas in 2019, so they asked the public to weigh in on a name for the dream ship. They were delighted by the submission R.S.S. David Attenborough, but by the time the public got done making the process their own, the NERC ended up with ship committed to serious scientific research named... Boaty McBoatface. 

It can be tempting to throw your ideas out there for the world to weigh in on, looking for advice or a green light. But once again - nobody cares. Okay, maybe your mom, sister, best friend or spouse, but by and large, your dream is for you, and public opinion is just going to confuse the situation and sandbag your ability to make critical decisions. No one else has to put in the work, foot the bill, maintain the vision, or promote the dream like you.  That doesn’t mean you won’t get help along the way, or develop a team over time, but if the vision was given to you, don’t let it get pulled away by the tide of public opinion.  Well meaning people may give you flattering encouragement at the wrong time, or some who don’t think you will succeed may cause you to second-guess yourself, or any one of a hundred scenarios can play out when you seek the wisdom of the crowd.  That’s not to say there isn’t wisdom in counsel, but whose counsel you seek is the critical question.

You may think you are immune to the powerful pull of public living on social media, but they design those programs to be addictive. It can cause you to forego the legitimate advice of seasoned professionals, and wise counsel of veterans in the field. But the most inherent danger is being comfortable with their voices and mistaking them for truth. It is easy to hear them, and difficult to discern God’s voice in the flurry. It is only when you silence all other voices that you hear the still, small voice of the Spirit. 

The voice of the Holy Spirit is wisdom, and it alone can reveal solid answers. They sound crazy at times, and people may not understand them, but remember - our God builds temples from burnt stones, and sent an infant to be our savior. His ways are beyond any wisdom a crowd may provide, and require deep faith to follow through on.  Make sure you are meditating on His truth, cultivating your ears to hear His voice, and winnowing out His wisdom for your future. And never ask the public to name your boat.

Heather Bise


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