The Unlimited Plan

Not too long ago my little family and I had a family fun day that ended up at Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday evening. Yes, living la Vida loca (the crazy life)! All day my family of four, ran business errands before getting to the girl’s final favorite destination. They looked forward to it all day and I was happy that they were happy. As their mom, Athena’s and Valencia’s happiness means everything to me.

So, after eating dinner we went to play at Chuck E. Cheese because, well, I prefer to just play there. So, my husband purchased the girls game cards that allowed them to have unlimited access to all games for an hour! They were set, and we had planned it well to be done right before their closing time. Two examples of parenting wins, eating before arriving to play and getting there to play near closing. Getting there towards the end was to have a smooth transition into leaving the fun place!  

The girls were running around playing all the games they could access that were appropriate to their age and liking. My 3-year-old Valencia was in the preschool area and rode all the miniature rides and was having a blast. My 13-year-old Athena was in the older area arcade games and picture station. It makes my mommy heart happy to see them in their element, playing, and having a fun time and making beautiful memories. It brings joy to me being their mom and being able to have experiences with them that are a blessing. In the same way that God, as our father, likes to provide blessings for His children and He enjoys seeing them enjoy it.

The girls were enjoying their time at Chuck E. Cheese, playing all games to their heart’s content. About midway through their hour, the need to gain tickets to earn prizes from the prize station became real. The ticket struggle was real, and it was on! All members of my family were in full win ticket mode. Or to come to think of it, maybe it was just me and my husband. The girls would play a few games, run off to something else, come collect their tickets, watch my husband and I hustle to get more tickets, run off, and repeat. Jesse and I found two jackpot games and thanks to our unlimited access cards, won almost 1,000 tickets in less than 30 minutes! This has not happened before this time and was such a parenting accomplishment! 

Once the hour of unlimited play and access was over, the card immediately stopped. Luckily Jesse and I warned the girls that when the card stopped that meant it was time for us to leave and they could get their prizes. I remember Athena saying something like, “My cards not working!” I reminded her what that meant and prompted both girls to the prize station. They were able to choose several prizes that they wanted, and the evening concluded a successful fun family fun day!

The same way that they had an unlimited access game card at Chuck E. Cheese, is the same way that you and I have unlimited access to God. Unlike the game card, God and His access and love do not run out. 

You do not have to do anything to earn His love or connection. He is readily available for you at any time of day or night that you need Him. In good times, bad times, and everything in between - keep in contact with the source. 

Some ways to stay connected to God and His unlimited access is by the following:

            ~Spend undivided time with Him in prayer (worship, praise, and devotional)

            ~Read, study, and apply His word (Choose a version of the bible that resonates with you, download the youversion bible app for an on-the-go bible, attend bible study)

            ~Be in communion with believers (attend church, bible study, prayer service)

            ~Serve others like Jesus did (which ever areas God is calling you to serve, serve the people unto God, use your gifts for His glory, lead others to Him)

These are just some examples of ways to stay connected to God. I am not a perfect Christian or person, I do my best to do these things daily. Feel free to do what works best for you to stay connected to God. Whenever you need to talk to God remember - He is, and will always, be there. Just as any other relationship, keeping in contact and having regular communication will help grow a healthy relationship. Having an open, honest, and continuous conversation with God throughout your days can bring peace, grace, and joy. 

The Chuck E. Cheese unlimited game card provided access to unlimited games for the allotted time and it eventually ran out when the time was done. Unlike the game card, you and I have true unlimited access to God through a personal relationship and connection in Jesus. 

 Hebrews 4:16 (NIV) 

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” 

Personal reflection:

1.    Why is it important for you to stay connected to God?

2.    What one thing can you add to your daily life to keep in contact with God?  

3.     What is one thing you can discuss with God through prayer about your life?