Help! Hurriedness is taking this over my life!

Would you follow me for a little story? 

The day is over. She is exhausted from a very busy day, only to wake up and do it all over again day after day.  After many years, she realized that she did not have the relationship with her husband and children that she desired.  The condition of her health kept her from enjoying life. She lacked purpose, friendships and intimacy with God.  

What happened?  

Because she was not clear on the vision for her life, the hurriedness of life kept her from being intentional with her health, relationships and the purpose God had for her life. She had a vision in her head of the one day, but failed to take seriously how she was currently spending her time.  She lacked clarity and discipline for today.

In the Bible, the book of Habakkuk gives us a beautiful example of the importance of writing down a vision.  I love the direction in verses 2:2-3,

"Write down the revelationand make it plain on tablets
 so that a herald may run with it.
 For the revelation awaits an appointed time;it speaks of the endand will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it;it will certainly comeand will not delay."

We think about setting goals for our career, school and work, but we lose sight of what we want for our life, health and family.  Better yet, what does God want? Notice He says,"though it linger, wait for it."In other words, write it down, and don't give up hope.

How to make it happen.  

1. Begin by praying and asking God to show you the vision He has for your life, family and health.  Take time to put it in writing and evaluate if they are in line with God's Word.

2. Compare the choices you are making today with how you spend your time? Do they support the vision or is your hurriedness taking over?  

For example 

·      Do you desire to be healthy, yet follow fad diets, make poor eating choices with no time for exercise. 

·      Do you desire quality time for relationships, yet continue to overcommit yourself and family?

·      Do you want to grow more spiritually and know God's purpose for your life, yet never sit down and study the Bible?

My prayer is that we do not allow our hurriedness to take over and lose sight of the vision God has for our life.


Personal Reflection:

1. Do you have a written vision for your family, health and purpose? 

2. What things might you need to eliminatethat get in the way of reaching the vision?

3.  What things might you need to implement to take steps toward the vision?

Crystal Breaux

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