“Are you the last minute gift?”

When a busy season takes over the reigns of your life, how do you attempt to reclaim control?

It is no surprise that busyness, and the challenges you face during a difficult season, can cause you to sleep less, workout less, study the Bible less, stress more, eat more, and pray “God Help Me!” more. During that time, you most likely tell yourself that there are more important tasks that need your attention. In John 15, Jesus reminds us that He loves us in the same way God has loved Him. He also tells us that we are His friends when we show Him our love by doing what He has commanded of us. A universal truth displayed throughout the Bible is that we are of extraordinary value to Him and shall be cherished. 

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Friendship with one’s self is all important, because without it one can not be friends with any one else in the world.” We all know this to be true. Jesus loved himself the way God made Him to be. This love is not to be mistaken for being infatuated with one’s self or self-serving, as we can only serve one God. The love that God showed Jesus was one of mercy and praise. Jesus loves us the same way; He shows mercy in our faults and praise in our triumphs. We were created for His glory. When we tell ourselves that our health can wait until we have the time, money or energy for it, we are placing the commandments He gave us aside to make room for the priorities we have set for ourselves. This all boils down to self-worth.

The lines separating illness, contentment, and obsession are very fine, but clearly demonstrated by the principle presented in Luke 12: “not one of them (sparrows) is forgotten before God.” The imaginary price tag you place on your heart is significantly lower than the numbers God sees. He takes good pleasure in giving His kingdom to His children, and He wants to see them prosper. You must convince yourself of the million-dollar price tag He has placed on you. Lucky us, the devil has no clean money to his name that he could use to buy us from God’s love. 

When your season cultivates thoughts in your head that it is okay to put everyone else’s needs before your own, I would like to encourage you place a reminder in your phone with hourly reminders that you are of extraordinary value and worth the time, money, and energy it takes to care for the mind, body and soul He has bestowed upon you.


Personal reflection:

1.    What is an instance this week in which you have motivated someone to believe in themselves and God’s promise, but have failed to believe those same teachings when challenged by a similar situation? This happens to us all!  

2.    Name three actions that you can take to demonstrate ownership and responsibility for the maintenance or improvement of your health and wellness this month.

3.    Where are you in the CW process of fulfilling God's wish for health in your life?