Forgive, Forget, and Move Forward

What! I thought I was over the situation already. I thought I forgave her. Hold on! Wait! Let me back up. I’m honestly not even sure I want to share this story because it just happened and is emotionally fresh, but I will because it’s my truth. 

So, about 3 years ago, a good friend of mine did and said some things that made me question her. I was hurt and chose to distant myself from her. I gave her and the situation to God and went on with my life, or so I thought. I thought I forgave her, because from time-to-time, I would pray for her and seriously thought I had forgiven her. 

Well, not too long ago, she sent me a friend request on social media,and I hesitated to accept. I prayed about it and accepted. Almost immediately she wanted to talk and meet up to discuss what happened. Then the unexpected happened - all those previous hurts, upset feelings and emotions I had experienced years prior, came back. They came back like a rushing wave. 

I asked God to help me forgive her, and told Him that it was hard for me to forgive. I didn’t want to carry that pain and hurt of a broken friendship with me, but I wanted to move forward. 

Choosing to forgive has been the best decision for me to make. Instead of being in my feelings or emotions when I thought about the hurt, I prayed about it and gave the situation to God. That is the only way I could forgive. If God can and will continue to forgive me with my shortcomings, surely, I can forgive a girlfriend. 

Feeling at peace about the situation is a beautiful experience that can only come from God. He healed my heart from the hurt,and he healed a broken friendship. 

If you may need to forgive someone, please do. Release them to God. Pray for them and their family and forgive them. Trust me; you’ll feel so much better! Then you can move on emotionally and focus on what God has called you to do.