The Best Shoes...Physically and Spiritually

This summer, my husband and I hiked Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX.  If you have never been there, let me share that it leads to a beautiful view. Because it felt as if we were walking straight up, it was very tempting to keep my eye up on the final destination. However, I also knew the importance of keeping my eyes right in front of me to ensure each step was secure, especially on this trip since we were surrounded by cactus.  A slip or step-offcould land me in a bed of cactus plants, which was already a fear from a childhood fall... another story for another time.

My husband had reviewed the trail and knew our hiking boots would be the best shoes for this particular adventure.  And because he knows my fear of falling, he always leads the way by saying, "Youwant to step right here to stay on track."  His voice always brings trust and confidence as to where to take the very next step. 

As we walked, Psalm 119:105 came to mind.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." 

Notice that it does not say it is a light for the long road ahead, but a light unto my feet. I was reminded of how God can give us a vision of the final destination, but He wants us to stay focused on Him for every step, not just the final outcome. 

Here is why.

1. If we keep our eyes focused on Him for the next step, we will be less likely to fall in the "cactus."

Sometimes it takes one step off to throw us off track from the final destination.

2. We can experience purpose and joy in Him every way. As I realized the importance of staying focused on my husband's feet, I felt confident to talk and enjoy his company instead of fretting over getting to the top.  Jesus desires company and joy with Him in every step. Let's not wait to be happy when we get to the destination or next big thing. 


Will you take a moment and reflect;

1. Where you are in your journey, season of life or dream? 


2. Are you in the right shoes grounded in the word of God every day?


3. Are you so focused on the end or the next "thing" that you are unable to experience the joy and company of Jesus along the way?


I want to encourage you today to rest and just look to Jesus for the next step. His shoes are the best ever to follow and bring joy in every season.

Crystal Breaux

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