Make preparations for the dreams you have

Every day provides opportunity for evaluation and transformation. It would appear that, most days, we fall subject to fear and make no improvements to allow for positive change in our lives.

This is what I believe our brains do when we think of transformation: We imagine running through a pack of wolves during the winter with only a loincloth on and a spear in our hands on our way to obtain food. We have no shoes, so we will get blisters. We have no jacket, so we will get hypothermia. We have no armor, so we will get bitten. We have no water, so we will get thirsty. We will be consumed before we make it to food, so what’s the point?

I paint this picture from a place of acknowledgement that our brains (and the enemy) know just how to make us aware of everything that could go wrong. The problem is that we convince ourselves it will go wrong. Instead, when we make ourselves aware of and believe in His wisdom and His protection, everything that could go wrong is only shown to us so we can see God moving on our behalf to protect us. When you have dreams, let them be God-sized, like those of David and Solomon in 1 Chronicles 28:2. Make preparations for the dreams you have; preparations for the goal andpreparations for the potential upset. 

In 1 Chronicles 28:20, David instructs Solomon to “not fear nor be dismayed… He will not leave you nor forsake you.” God will see your dreams through to the end. Let me clarify that this does not mean the journey will be easy and without mid-course corrections. This possibility of disappointment should not keep you from chasing the dreams you had during your childhood adolescence. We know things when we are kids that we push aside with fear as we grow. At five and ten years old, if you wanted to be a doctor to save lives, I encourage you to not give up on those dreams because you are afraid it will be too long or difficult. Our dreams can change as we grow and mature, so be open to new adventure when it shows itself to you. It is okay to lay down a dream you once had to follow the one He sets in your heart now. And always remember to allow yourself to be ministered to by Jesus, “to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.” (Acts 20:24)


Personal reflection:

1.    Reflect on your past. What dreams has God set in your heart? These dreams can be big or small, personal or global.


2.    Exam your schedule for the next few weeks. What activities can you place in your schedule to make progress towards converting those dreams into reality?


3.    What faithful individuals can you lean on as you endure this adventure of a lifetime? How will the achievement of your dreams affect your faith and relationships?


Goal setting and sharing: List 3 goals that you would like to accomplish (at home, at work, with family, etc) that will allow you to live out your purpose in regards to pursuing God-sized dreams:


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