He Said What?! Hit Back with True Grit

When I was about 14, my dad said something that hurt so badly I spent the next 10 years trying to recover. He was watching me perform at some recital or play, and backstage he said, “you could really be something if it weren’t for that unfortunate nose of yours.” Heretofore, I had dreams of being a performer. I was full of self-confidence in my abilities, with lots of talent to go with it. Then suddenly, I was just a skinny teenager with a big nose. Just like that. Future performances were attempted with self-consciousness, and I actually spent time holding my hand over my face in auditions. Thankfully, I overcame the awkward teen years to work in Christian theater for a few years, which developed abilities for speaking engagements and teaching with added theatrical flair.

            I learned as a teenager that God had a big plan and huge dream for mankind, so he sent a child to manifest the hopes into reality. Since then, He has made huge plans to increase the influence and scope of His people, and with each giant dream, He fashions a man or woman to fulfill that purpose. I am such a woman. So are you. God had a dream, created you to fulfil it, and His purposes will not be made void (Isaiah 55:11). So how come some dreams die… some people die, having never seen the finish line? 

            God respects and values you too much to compel you or force you to do anything. He has plans, and excitedly and joyfully brings you into them, fully equipped to complete them, along with spiritual gifts and powers to see them through to the end. Somebody is going to fulfill your purpose if you don’t. It’s that important to God. He’d hate for you to miss out on it, so you, dearest, must get gritty.

            Grit helps you turn criticism into constructive motivation. Grit compels you to quit justifying complacency. Grit runs deeper than petty put-downs and doesn’t worry about the opinions of others. Grit is what comes when you realize who you are, and what you were made for. 

            To summon grit you must get in touch with the strengths you were born with, and know who the Bible says you are. From there, the picture will only get clearer. 

Personal reflection:

1.    Do you have a scripture motto that brings focus and grit to your everyday decisions? If not, what sources could help you find one? Choose words that you can search to help you zero in on one.

2.    What personality traits, or characteristics do you possess that are strengths?

3.     How can you harness these to develop grit in the face of adversity?


Goal setting and sharing: List 3 goals that you would like to accomplish (at home, at work, with family, etc.) that will allow you to live out your purpose regarding dreams:

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