You Are Sick All Over!

“God,” I cried out, “if you will do something about this situation in my life, THEN I will accept you as my Savior and serve you for the rest of my life!” 

But, God was silent!

“Where are you, Lord; don’t you care about me and my problem?” I cried out in anguish. 

Still, God was silent! 

It became clear to me that God wasn’t interested in bargaining and cutting a deal with me.

Finally one day in desperation, I retreated to my bedroom and took my Bible out of my nightstand drawer. I had no idea where to start reading; after all, it had been in the drawer for years, untouched. 

I opened it at random, and begin reading. My eyes quickly became fixed on Isaiah 1:5. (KJV)

Why should ye be stricken anymore? Ye will revolt (rebel) more and more.

The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.

From the sole of the foot even unto the head, there is no soundness in it;

but wounds, and bruises, and putrefying sores:

They have not been closed, (healed) neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.” 

Not what I had thought I would find for a quick fix, yet in my heart I knew this was a picture of me. From the soles of my feet even unto my head, there was no soundness in it, just wounds, bruises, and sores that had not been healed, just like the scripture had so pointedly said.

I had tried to ignore them for years by telling myself, “I’m okay. It’s really not all that bad!” But they had a way of continuing to stick, prick, and agitate me. And yes, I knew I was rebelling, and not serving God. 

Shortly thereafter, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. My thinking was, “Surely, all those wounds, bruises, and sores will now ‘just go away’ and quit disrupting my life with all their annoying features.”  

However, just as Jesus had not accepted my plea bargain to help me while I continued to do my own thing, it appeared there was a second step He wanted me to take: “stop running from my problems!”

Quite to my surprise, my day of reckoning came one Sunday morning as I was getting dressed for church. Coming from the TV, I heard a minister saying, “The title of my sermon this morning is “I’ve Made Up My Mind.” Something inside of me clicked, so I made an appointment with my pastor for the following day.

As our conversation began, I acknowledged for the first time in my life that I was spiritually, psychologically, physically, and emotionally sick. Then for the next several hours, I began going back down a muddy road I had been down before. 

1.     I identified the wounds, bruises, and the putrefying sores that had caused me so much pain in my life and held me captive for years.

2.     I experienced the hurt and felt the emotion associated with each hurt.

Three hours later when I emerged from my pastor’s office, I knew I was embarking upon a new course in life. Where it was leading me, I didn’t know, but there was one thing I was determined to do and that was to “come back up that muddy road, put the past behind me, and press forward.” 

It’s been over 30 years now since I began my journey toward freedom. Those past wounds, bruises and sores are only a faint memory because of the healing Jesus began that day when I quit running and confessed “I have a problem; I need healing.” 

Personal Reflections

1.     Running away from our wounds is referred to as Denial. If this describes you at some point in your life, how would you say you ran from your problems:  Examples: staying busy, excessive shopping, addiction, blaming others, withdrawing, other.

2.     Have you made up your mind to begin your journey toward healing and wholeness? If so, would you briefly share what your wounds are?  

3.    How might neglecting your emotional healing hinder you from achieving Created Woman’s goals of Dreams, Identity, Health, Purpose, and Inside Out Fashion?

Goal Setting and Sharing 

List 3 goals that you would like to accomplish at home, work, with family, etc. that will allow you to live out your purpose regarding emotional healing?

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