Nineteen & Never

Back in my college days, after a bad break up - I chopped all of my hair off.(And all the ladies said, “AMEN!”) Am I right? 

I mean, I cut it all off. 

Y’all, I loved it. In my mind I was a straight up punk rocker. Short blonde spiked hair plus my signature red lipstick - I definitely felt bad to the bone. Apparently I also looked bad to the bone.

People judged me. 

They judged me by the way I looked. People saw me as a smokin’, drug-tokin’ floozy of a girl. My professors, the opposite sex, the same sex, elders in the church, and even life-long friends thought I had gone wild.

All because of a haircut. 

I was nineteen years old, and I went to church every time the door was opened. Nineteen and not partying. I was nineteen and working my way through college, busting it to stay on the dean’s list, and paying bills. 

I was nineteen years old with a wild haircut - and I was judged. 

I wasn’t bad, but I was definitely discouraged. I felt the stares - the glares, and I vowed to never make anyone feel that way.

Nineteen and never. 

It’s important to remember that the outside doesn’t always reflect the inside. On the contrary, there is often more to people than what meets the eye. 

Just look at young David. He was judged because of his young age and small stature, but we all know that there was definitely more to David than what was merely seen with human eyes. 

“But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

We all know how this story ends. With God’s strength, a sling, and a single stone David defeated Goliath. Too bad Goliath didn’t dig deep into who (and whose) David really was before he dismissed and disregarded everything about him simply because of the way he looked. 

After all, covers are just covers; it’s what’s written on the inside of someone’s heart that really counts.


It’s been nineteen years since I chopped my hair off, and I’m still working hard to keep that promise to God and myself.

Nineteen and never.


Personal reflection: 

1.Have you ever been judged by your outer appearance?

2. What feelings did being judged cause, and how did you overcome them?

3.Where are you in the CW process of fulfilling God's purpose for your life? (Dreams, Healing, Identity, Health, Purpose, Inside/Out/Fashion) 


We believe that as Ambassadors of Christ, it’s okay to show up well! We believe our identity and self-worth comes through Christ and as we embrace our unique personality and quirks He has given us, our fashion becomes an outward expression of who we are created to be. Plus, fashion is a whole lot of fun!


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