July/Aug/Sept 2014: Fall Fashion

3rd Quarter Fall Issue: Fall Fashion/BackToBasics

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In this  issue you’ll find:

  • Original fashion photography from the CW Beauty Team featuring Designer s.t.e.f., Grace & Lace & boutiques modeled by 2 of Austin's favorite girls.
  • Looks for the fall and the basic needs every girl should have in their closet.
  • The Created Woman: Lisa Copeland.  Her mind is like a gold mine.
  • 4 Steps to creating your own career success
  • 20 ways to enjoy your 20's
  • How to get that glow inside-out
  • Learn how to love your body!
  • All of your favorites like Well WomanThe Created WomanCreated To Be, Featured Designer and More!
  • Encouragement on how to cultivate by national author/speaker, Charlotte Gambill

We hope you enjoy our Fall issue.

Enjoy becoming & being the woman you were created to be.

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