A Tribute to Jenny Stark: Breast Cancer Suvivor

She walked into the Prayer Room of Community Church, Orange, Texas, where we had agreed to meet.  Her beauty could be described as “the look of Barbie.”  She had a smile that lit up her face, soft curls in her neatly coiffed hairstyle, and her eyes glowed and twinkled as though she had something exciting to tell me.

Thus began my four year adventure with Jenny Stark, 40 years of age at the time, telling me her story for Created Woman.  It started with the day she received a phone call from her Doctor saying: “I’m not going to beat around the bush—you do have breast cancer.”   

At the close of our first meeting, I asked Jenny, “What part has your faith played throughout your journey?”  

“My faith tells me that ‘This is Just A Season’.”

For this article, I asked some of Jenny’s special friends to describe their journey as they traveled this season with her.

Carol Cash: Cousin/More like a sister/Friend

I can't even express how in awe I have been of Jenny's courage these last few years. Jenny NEVER ceased to be the positive, up-beat individual that she's always been. We went on a trip to Boston while she was still recovering. She was determined to take it all in and not let it slow her down. Her joy is contagious and I am humbled to have her in my life.

Chandra Best

Jenny is my baby cousin she is 10 years younger than I am. I look at pictures when she was a baby where I carried her around on my hip and pushed her in doll carriages. She was like our live little baby doll. She has always been so upbeat and bubbly her entire life. When our family found out about her breast cancer, it was devastating. Jenny has such a strong faith and she has been so courageous from the beginning of her journey and has continued thru each battle she has faced. Jenny, her mom, my Aunt Mary, my sister Carol and myself went on a trip to Boston not long after Jenny had a major surgery. She was hurting and was bandaged but she got up every day and did her best to have a good day and enjoy the trip. At the end of the day she would start slowing down, but never complained. I have such love and pride that she is my cousin. She is a shining example of someone who always sees the glass half full not half empty.

 Kaye Sims

I was so honored to walk beside Jenny during her breast cancer journey. I remember clearly the day she called several over to her house and told us she had cancer and hugged US as we were sad. Looking back I realized she was the teacher and perhaps I was the student on how to handle rough situations. Not thinking it was possible to handle this like she did, often times I thought she was just in denial or not fully understanding the magnitude of her illness. Soon I learned it was not denial, it was facing trials head-on knowing she had God leading the way. Although the journey was more difficult than most know, she set the bar so high for the rest of us when trials come our way.


 Jenny, thanks from all of us at Created Woman for sharing your story with us the past five years. Certainly, you are an example of what this website stands for: Becoming all God created you to be, even in the midst of adversities.

And to all of you, our readers: Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you and your family abundantly during this season.

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 Jenny Stark