Are You Living a Life of Faith?

Remember how, when you were a kid, you were asked the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The world was upon you and anything you wanted to be and do was possible. No limits. No fear. Thirty years later, you may wonder what happened to that little girl who knew what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be. Somewhere between triumph and failure, hope and discouragement, you decided to put away what you now may call your "childish" dream. And because of a regular inability to reach the ideal, you have become quite content with the practical. 

Instead of having a passionate marriage, you settled for an occasional night on the couch in front of the TV. Instead of a close-knit family that prays and adventures together, you settled for one that speaks to one another only in times of crisis. Instead of being building and investing in true friendships, you settled for superficial ones.

Many of us live in a place of paralyzing drabness, forgetting that God desires that you have a fulfilling life, one with adventure and passion that brings us joy as well as challenges our spirit, mind, and body. In the same way that Christ was willing to heal the blind man, he is also willing to heal your life, bringing back what you may think you've lost.

God wants you to have a passionate marriage, a praying family, and deep friendships. It's all yours on one condition: pray and believe it. Simple, right? 

Unfortunately, most of the time we quit before we receive what we desire. We convince ourselves that our dreams have been replaced with what we think is reality shoving hope and faith aside. Lies!

Action: In what areas of your life is your faith failing?

Pray and believe. God wants you to rediscover who you are meant to be and have the life that you are meant to have.