Blind Trust

An interesting exercise in trust is falling backwards into the arms of another person.  Have you ever done this?  Someone says to you "I am going to blindfold you and will stand right behind you. And when I say 'go', you fall into my arms.  I promise, I will catch you."

It is unnerving; however, with the exercise comes an element of daring courage. It's risky, however, you know, deep down, you want to go through with it. You might ask these questions: Can they catch me? Will they catch me? Does this person like me? 

I have participated in an activity just like this, numerous times. And, as I write this post, I remember the feelings associated with the anticipation of my journey downward.  In fact, I recollect the conversation I had with myself each time I prepared for this test in dependence. I cross my arms over my upper body. With clenched fists, I stabilize my position by planting my feet firmly under my frame, closing my eyes tightly behind the blindfold.  I, then, begin an inward dialogue, with myself: "What are 'you' doing, and why in the world would 'you' put 'yourself' in a position to fall into the arms of this person? Why are 'you' blindfolded? You know, you can just walk away."

Trusting God with the details of our lives is very much the same. He is says to each one of us, "Fall back into my arms, and allow me to I catch you. Let me handle the details of your life, I promise, I won't let you fall. In fact, I will guide you on the journey. Just listen for my voice, trust my promoting and suggestions - even when they don't make sense. I promise, I will catch you".

Trusting God with our lives is unnerving and requires a good dose of daring courage.  There are times when we have to talk to ourselves and remind ourselves that He is God and He can, in fact, manage the details of our lives. It may feel risky, however, the payoff is far more beneficial than when we rely on our own strength and abilities. He promises provision for every area of our lives. Just fall back; He will not only catch you, He will be with you through the entirety of your journey.