Can I Get a Do-over Please?

It's March 16. Have you given up on your New Year's resolutions? Or are you going strong? If you're right on track, good for you! I, on the other hand, wish it was January 1st instead of March. I need a do-over. 

Ah, the good o' do-over. That wonderful childhood rule that lets you roll again when the dice accidentally falls off the board or lets you hide again because Jimmy totally peeked while he was counting. Can we still play that game as adults? Oh, just this once! I keep finding myself making the same mistakes over and over. I start my diet and fail. I try to keep my emotions in check when an argument strikes, then I fail. Can I be honest for just a minute? I find myself needing do-overs daily. 

Sadly, we don't get do-overs once we've grown up even though I would really like one. If we say something hurtful or mean in the midst of an argument, the damage is done. If the boss overhears us talking negatively about a project, the damage is done. If we lose our temper and scream at our children, the damage is done. 

We all make mistakes, and we all feel like we need a do-over from time to time. 

I look at the pieces of my life where I wish for a do-over - that guy I wish I didn't date, that deadline I wish I didn't miss, that conversation I wish I didn't have, that extra drink I wish I didn't take, the decision to get a degree in journalism instead of English writing, the list goes on. In order to quiet my focus on finding a time machine, I look at the decisions that brought me to where I am today and ask, "Would those do-overs help? Would they make me happy? How many do-overs do I need to get the life I want?"

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist waiting, wishing, replaying. It takes courage to live with an open heart where fear doesn't set boundaries on possible errors of judgement or decisions. A mind set with no limits allows those mistakes to be areas of improvement instead of a setback. Focusing on your past continually comparing it to your present will not help your future. Controlling your past will only lead to a cycle of disappointments screaming, "I wish...I wish!"

Don't allow the insecurities of your past take you by the throat and steal your voice. You can make a choice today, I don't need a do-over. I will hope when it doesn't makes sense and seek Christ when my flesh wants to run because I trust Him. 

Do you trust your talent? How about the people speaking in your life? Most importantly, do you trust and believe in the God who designed you so beautifully that poor decisions don't sway His desire to love you and bless you and continue to challenge you to purse a life that glorifies Him?  

Believe you already are what you want to be - a less tempered wife, a successful small business owner, a morning person. And then start acting like it. You don't need a do-over.