Community Volunteer Knows Her Calling

If I am asked to do something, I feel that there must be a need for it, so I do it,” states Becky Hutchison, a volunteer with the Orange County 4-H Club in Orange, Texas. Wearing many hats and often times multitasking, a list of duties Becky performs throughout any given month cumulates in untold hours.

I met Becky while on an assignment as a freelance writer for my local paper, The Orange Leader, to profile volunteers in our community.  A joyful, easy-to-talk-with lady of fifty-five, Becky, not only takes much pride in her role as a 4-H volunteer, but in the members of her own household, which consists of her husband, Ron of 23 years, her fourteen-year-old adopted daughter, Sierra, whom she home schools, as well as being a ‘Rodeo Mom’ to her. “Ron and I shared duties and participated in 11 rodeos last year with Sierra. We actually base our schedule around rodeo events,” she pointed out.

Also living in the home is Becky's aging mother, for whom she is a caretaker, as well as a niece she raised after the death of her parents, and her niece’s child.

Laughing, Becky then makes mention of all those living outside of her home that she cares for, which includes 7 chickens, 2 horses, 5 rabbits. She points out with pride that “The chickens are my daughter’s business. Ron and I are trying to prepare Sierra to run her own business in the future.”

I asked Becky how she fits all her 4-H activities into a personal life that is already seemingly filled to capacity, she responded with tears in her eyes a heartfelt message:

"I know where I am needed.  I know my calling.  My calling is to give to children. God didn’t give me biological children, but He gave me children to volunteer my time and services. I love kids. I want to give children opportunities that will prepare them to be prosperous adults, and I want them to have fun while learning. I was led here, not just because my daughter wanted to get involved in 4-H, but because God gave me many children to serve. In return, they are giving me more than I am giving them.

I often wonder why God didn’t give me children of my own, but He blessed me in a different way, and I have had plenty of children in my life;  first as a foster parent, then in raising my niece after the death of her parents, adopting Sierra, and now as a volunteer to many children in 4-H.

It is not about me.  It is about what God has given to me."

I was touched by Becky’s statements:

“I know where I am needed. I know my calling.
It is not about me.
It is about what God has given to me."

Can we say the same?  It is food for thought in order to fulfill the purpose God has created each of us to be.


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Pictures coutesy of Austin Art House and Leandra Blei Photgraphy