Confess Confidence

Is there something you've asked God for that has not yet appeared in your life? Don't let  "no" or"not right now" affect the way you see yourself. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

Knowledge to Build On

Sometimes we pray and ask God for things and they don’t happen.  I’m certain I’m not alone.  After asking and being denied enough times, it can weigh on your heart and be incredibly discouraging.  Some prayers are ignored because our hearts desire something that is not His will.  It is important to remember that God has grand plans for us and He is happy to answer the prayers that are in line with His will.

As you pray for your job, business and new opportunities it is important to remember that our plans and God’s plans don’t always match up.  Seek His will before you decide on your own.

Life in the Now                

Last week several members of our Human Resource team attended a job fair hosted by a local group.  As they reviewed the day, telling stories of the applicants old and young, professional and thrown together, experienced and starting new they made a list of those who would begin the official interview process.

What I’ve learned is that a slammin’ resume doesn’t always get you the job or even put you at the top list of applicants.  One of the most attractive qualities in an employee is confidence.  Walk tall; know that you have something to offer that someone else doesn’t.  Shake hands firmly and look people in the eye.  Take pride in yourself, God does!

Experienced people who have been unemployed – you still have something to offer and don’t forget it!  Younger folks right out of college – your fresh outlook is something that keeps us moving and you are very affordable.    Both groups together in the workplace create an unstoppable and balanced force.

Think About It

1 – Is what you are looking for part of His master plan for your life?

2 – What skills do you have that make you special and unique?

3 – What do you want to share with people about yourself or your business?  Practice.  There is nothing silly about talking to your webcam and watching it back.

Talk About It

Father in heaven, thank you for making me bold and taking pride in me.  I know with you all things are possible.


(Posted previously on CW Facebook, 2011)