Almost Famous

I remember being at a youth conference in the 80's, and the guy on the mic saying, " I want to make Jesus famous". I remember being in the middle of worship and his words striking me so funny that I laughed. He was so bold about it. and "on fire" that I felt bad for laughing. Later in a group a leader asked why I had laughed.So with my scrunched hair, rolled up sleeves, and cuffed acid wash jeans I said "I think He is pretty popular all on His own, thousands of years later without that guy trying to make him famous"

Well, my clothes and hair have gotten better and my feelings on the matter have changed a little too.

Just before Christmas and the end of the Mayan calendar I was inundated with questions from friends about "the end". My first question was, "why are you asking me", and my last question was always, " what do you think God's heart toward you is?" Sadly I was shock how often my christian friends were responding to my final question with the answer, "I don't know". Now these are not my spiritual, or religious, or agnostic friends. These are my bible belt, evangelical, born and raised in the church christian friends.

I spent the week before Christmas looking into the eyes of people who love God to tell them, "God's heart toward you is love".

Every night I came home upset. One evening TMZ was on the TV (don't judge) and they were talking about some celebrity and her goings on and my heart sunk as my mind thought this thought. "those guys know her name but they don't know anything about her heart" and that was is. I got it. God is famous but his heart isn't.

So my only New Years resolution is now this, to make His heart famous.

God is all mercy and grace—     not quick to anger, is rich in love.

Psalm 145:8