Knock, Knock

There is something about a knock at the door. It's hard not to answer getting excited thinking, "Who's here to see me? This is unexpected!" Or perhaps it's the package you were waiting for or it has to do with all those shows and commercials we've seen where the camera crew and smiling host surprises us at the door with an oversized check or some other life-changing prize. Wouldn't that be wonderful! Whatever it is, it's difficult to resist answering a knock at the door.

Jesus himself said he's standing at the door. Not the physical doors of our homes, but at the doors of our souls. Our hearts. He knocks.

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me." 

Revelation 3:20, (NIV)

Jesus is a gentleman. He has not brought the police with him, and he is not there to serve a warrant. He will not pick at the door, nor will he go through the window. He will not sneak in and tiptoe around uninvited. If we don't want him in our hearts, he will respect that. He will be hurt, but because he loves us too much, he will respect our decision. So he knocks, a gentle soft sound. And he waits for an invitation.

Jesus extends many invitations to us, but in this case this is where an invitation must be extended to him. We must answer the door. We must open it wide. We must invite him in. And you will find that he is the best houseguest anyone could ever hope for. We don't need to clean up the house for him. We don't need to get out of our sweats or put on any make-up. We just need to respond to his knock. Invite him in and say, "Come in. I'll make us some of my favorite pumpkin spice coffee and let's sit and chat a while." After that, he'll take care of the rest.

Jesus is knocking. Will you invite him in?

Jesus, my sweetest friend, I hear your voice. I hear your knock. I swing the door wide open, Jesus, and say, "Come in. Let's sit and chat a while." Please make yourself at home in me. Mold me. Shape me. Turn me into exactly who you want me to be. Help me be the woman you created me to be. I give you control, Jesus. You and you alone. I love you. Amen.