Seeing is believing

"Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see."                                                                     Hebrews 11:1

You've been running for miles, and are exhausted. The race is almost over. Not too far off in the distance, you see the finish line. What happens next? All of a sudden, you get this second wind, and you're running faster than ever. The finish line is coming at you at lightning speed. Next thing you know, you've crossed the finished line!

Can you see your dreams in the distance? No? Then why not pretend like it? Recently, I began purchasing magazines and dowloading images on my computer of things or dreams I desire to achieve. They may be things that seem far off in the distance, but with a vivd imagination and a pair of scissors, a girl can work wonders!

To anyone else, buying a bridal magazine when not only are you not engaged, but you havent had a date in months, may seem proposterous. But to me, it's visualizing my dreams....speaking things into existance.

I cut out the image I associate with my future, and write a scripture next to it...I write the TRUTH next to it. Everyday, I look at them and SEE my dreams coming to life.

I've not only done this in bridal magazines, but others as well. Homes, cars, in fact, I've got a whole page of TODAY Show dream job.

Ever purchased flower seeds before? What's on the package? Is it a picture of the seed, OR a picture of what the seed WILL BE? I think you get the picture...pun intended.


Heavenly father,

Help me to stay strong in my faith, and remeber that no father ever hears their child crying out for something only to turn their back on them.

Keep me from becoming discouraged when it seems the finish line is far off. Instead, over-run me with your love, so I don't notice the miles, but instead, enjoy the ride.

"You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it," Matthew 21:22.