Sing Sing A Song

I confess I'm a music lover. I grew up with my dad playing the guitar and flute around the house. Both of my parents were music loving. The 70's atmosphere was rich with back yard circles of musicians playing songs just for the beauty of their shared talents. My early memories are filled with the sounds of this live art. Music is universal. Its one of the few things all cultures have in common. Most of us have experienced its power to move. The anticipation of the movie "Jaws" wouldn't be quite the same without the famous sound of his impending attack.  Try imagining a celebration absent of music. Try and picture a high school party without its latest hits or an upper brow event without soft instrumental music. Likewise, the bible highlights music's power with the soothing of the king's rage by David's harp or the blasting of horns bringing down strongholds.

A few weeks ago, I turned 35. I think on a subconscious level I must have known I would need comforting. The only gift I asked for was a new CD, The Loft Sessions, that was coming out the same week. It's beautiful and I recommend checking it out. For me, it reminded me how dearly I love worship music. I know all of life is worship. (But for a season I pulled back from worship CDs.) Maybe it's the nostalgia of the sound of this CD that took me back. I love the expression of these artist poured out afresh, simply for the beauty of talent shared. And who better to share that talent with than the maker of it. There's something to it.

I've been inspired. The beauty of talent shared is priceless. It's art. It's valuable treasure found and given away. So whatever your talent may be, tap into it. Express that creative side. (Bakers bake, Writers write, Painters paint, Dancers dance, Singers sing, Crafter craft, Stylist style, Decorators decorate and so on...) Because created people creating with their talents can craft beautiful gifts. Not just beautiful to those around them but also to the one who created them.

What's your talent?

Father, thank You for who You've made each of us to be. Help us to see our gifts and talents. Show us how we can begin to operate in them.