Sleep On It

When I think of sleep, I usually envision recharging my battery or even escaping my troubles. But when Jesus slept, He was doing neither of the two.

"Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat.

But Jesus was sleeping." - Matthew 8:24

Jesus and His disciples were on a boat in the midst of a huge storm and as the disciples flipped out, they looked over and found Jesus asleep.

The storm they see doesn't match the peace they see Him resting in. They wake Him up and ask Him to do something. They look for a solution in the form of action. He surprised them all when He rose from His sleep and spoke to the storm. All the elements responded. The raging waters and fierce winds ceased and the storm was over.

Life in the Now

My favorite Bill Johnson quote is "You have no authority in a storm you cannot sleep in.”

Recently, my mom and dad were given horrible news that my sister had cancer and would need emergency surgery. They comforted her and each other, then they each went off to pray. They found a quiet place to intercede for their daughter and, with conviction, reminded God of His promise of healing. After a time, peace came over them and sleep followed. Soon after came news that the doctor could not explain. The cancer they'd seen was no longer there. "We are not sure what is going on," but the family knew. The peace that came brought rest, then healing. God first gave them rest and then the storm blew over.

Think About It

Is there a storm in your life that keeps you awake? Are you looking for a solution that is action oriented?

Talk About It

Dad, You're the source of all peace. No matter how bad the storm, You still provide all the answers, whether I see them or not. Take me to a resting place in Your presence where I can be certain that You are in control. Amen.

More of the Truth

Psalm 23, Romans 8:6