I love being in the salon. Not just as a stylist. I enjoy hearing all the chatting that goes on. One of the unique joys of where I am currently is that the stylist in our space span the decades. The clients do as well. Being in the south it can at times sound a little like the movie "Steal Magnolias".

Among the buzz of  20 some odd stylist perfecting their clients looks the voice of one guest caught me ear. She was laughing this beautiful laugh that just brought a smile to the face of everyone who heard it. Then said "Girl I tell you, you are just a spoon. Always stirring things up". I giggled, shook my head and went about the rest of my day.

Her comment came to mind a few days later when I happened upon this verse:

 And let us think about how to stir one another up to love and good works,

Hebrews 10:24 (LEB)

The truth is no matter where you go or what group of people you find yourself with you will always find a "spoon". You may even be that person. The great thing is that this seems to be a call to stir the pot. However its to stir up love and good works. We all people of influence we can fan the flames of whatever we choose. So choose wisely.


Thanks for the gift of community and thanks for your part in it. Show us ways to bring up the good in those around us. How to stir up love and good works in others and in our own hearts. Give us wisdom to see the motive our our stirring and allow you to guide us in our actions. Let us love well - Amen

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