Try Something New Today, Tell Your Story

He called them from their ordinary lives and trained them. Now he was sending them out to make their unique contribution to the vast work of the ministry. Sure, they still had many questions. And of course they weren't confident in what was about to happen next. Their teacher was an impossible act to follow; who could top raising someone from the dead or turning water into wine? Yet, because they had been given the power to do the same, they stepped out. We are here today because they did. What would happen if you decided to step out and do what God is telling you to do? What would happen if you created something new? What would happen if you stepped out of your comfortable cozy boat with no fear or care in the world, walked on water and did something even you didn't think you could? Stories happen. Lives being changed happen.

He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. Matthew 10:1

In our society, by some unspoken code, we understand that being a lawyer is better than being a bank teller and being a doctor is better than being a high school teacher and so on. Not true. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has something to give to the world. Everyone.

With such an artificial measuring rod, little wonder why we are constantly comparing ourselves to others! Do you believe that had you been smarter, sterner and more outgoing, you would be a more effective believer? God does not pressure us to perform like others; instead he gives each of us the ability to do the things he wants us to do. God creates our stories; people don't create our stories for us.

It is interesting that when Christ chose his apostles, he picked an assortment of personalities with a mismatch of backgrounds, ranging from doctor to tax collector to fisherman. Perhaps it was because he understood that ministry involves more than preaching fiery sermons; for some it involves encouraging a distressed coworker or simply walking their elderly neighbor's dog. All these acts are ultimately intended to bring his love to the hurting.

You do not have to live a glamorous life to share your stories and gifts with others. Share as you are. Without knowing, they can change a life.

How is your ministry going? Are you stepping out and trying something new this year? God's invitation says, "You have all you need. Go touch lives!"

 God, I never really think of myself as a minister, but now I see how I too am called to do the work of the ministry. Thank you for giving me the ability to minister to the needs of the people you place in my path with my gifts, talents, and stories. Please give me the boldness to do it. Amen.