Walking in God's Favor

The king said, “What honor or dignity has been bestowed on Mordecai for this?”  Then the king’s servants who attended him said, “Nothing has been done for him.” [Esther 6:3] Knowledge to Build On

One day, as Mordecai was on duty outside King Ahasuerus’gate, two of the king’s guards, became angry at the king and plotted to assassinate him.  Mordecai heard about it and passed on the information to Queen Esther who told the king, crediting Mordecai with the information.  And investigation was made, the two men found guilty, and impaled alive.  This was all recorded in The Book of Chronicles, the history book of King Ahasuerus’ reign.

Five years had now passed and it would appear as though the king had forgotten all about Mordecai saving his life.  But, on that night, the king could not sleep and asked for The Book of Chronicles to be brought to him, and he read the account that had been recorded of how Mordecai had saved his life.  The king decided it was now time to reward him for this.

Life in the Now

I don’t know about you, but if I had been Mordecai, I would have thought:  “Well, the king certainly didn’t think much of me for saving his life.  It’s been five years, and he has never given me one ounce of recognition.  What good did it do me to do the right thing! Sure, it spared the king’s life, but what about me?”

As Beth Moore puts it, “there are times I wonder if I am even on the radar screen of heaven.”

When all my emotions and pity party have cooled down, I am reminded of one important feature that is a part of that radar screen and that is “GOD”S TIMING.”

As the saying goes, “God is never late, but He misses a few good opportunities to be early.”  I have seen times in my life where I thought the favor of God had passed me by, only to have Him “show up” and “show off” in one of His greatest acts ever.  It’s those times that I am reminded once again that God never forgets his children because, well, because we are always walking in His favor.  He works behind the scenes putting it all together, and then shows up.

Back to Mordecai - -did I tell you that God woke the king up in the middle of the night while he was sleeping?  Did I tell you that the king was a pagan king?

You gotta hand it to God.  He knows how to have a grandeur performance that glories His name, and at the same time gives us favor. What a class act He performs!

What about you?  Do you ever feel that your vision, what you feel you were created to be has not been fulfilled?  Be encouraged today that, along with Mordecai, Esther, Noah, Moses, David, Mary, and countless others in the Bible - -


Scriptures to Build On

Esther 2:15-17, Genesis, 6:6-8, Exodus 33:17-18, David, Psalms 5:12, Mary, Luke 1:28-31.


Father God, I thank you that as your child, we do have favor.  Help us in times of waiting for your appointed time, to be reminded of your goodness and acts in our favor in the past.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.