Who's Your Designated Driver?

"But in spite of what I said, you still would not trust the Lord," Deuteronomy 1:32 Good News Translation. After a long week, a group of friends decide to go for a drink and relieve some stress. Carissa Cruz, 30, is among them. She's beautiful, vibrant and  intelligent.

One drink becomes several and the lines of sobriety fade. The night draws to a close and Carissa's friends each call a cab to take them home. Stubborn in her ways, Carissa's convinced she can get home safely. She gets behind the wheel of her car and within minutes crashes into another car. She escapes the collision with broken bones and deep cuts...wounds that will surely leave a mark. The other driver however, is not as lucky. They're rushed rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Carissa is placed in cuffs and taken to jail for driving under the influence. If convicted, she's liable to do serious time behind bars. What's worse? Two lives and many others behind the scenes are forever changed because Carissa refused to let someone else drive.

Jesus Christ IS our designated driver. But we so often think we can do "it" on our own, rather than relinquishing control and letting God drive. Life is filled with ways that can distract us from a righteous mind-set. We make decisions and walk away from heartache with just a few bad memories. But there may come a day when we aren't so lucky. While you're still "sober" and can recognize safety when you see it, give up the keys to your life and let God drive.

Lord, I confess, at times I think I can do a better job leading my life than you. Help me to see that real life and real love lie in surrendering to you. I let go of the wheel, move to the passenger seat, and prepare to enjoy the ride.

In Jesus' name, amen.