A Passion For More Than Just Fashion: Melissa Shea

I am stoked to introduce this person, she is creative and has been in the fashion industry for many years, emphasizing of course in the marketing aspect of the fashion industry by helping fashion entrepreneurs gain exposure. She has been to where I hope to cover one day or attend, New York and Paris Fashion Week. Read her story!

Melissa Shae

Melissa uses her entrepreneurial passion and technology skills to develop a fun and informative platform for fashion entrepreneurs that bring much-needed exposure to local fashion communities. Melissa has spent over 20 years in the creative industry fueled by a love of learning about the “next new thing.” She uses her graphic, web, photography, and videography skills to develop opportunities for fashion entrepreneurs to promote their businesses. Melissa has covered New York and Paris fashion weeks for national and international media publications as a NYFW content provider.


Website: FashionMingle.net

Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram: @fashionmingle