#ATXFashionWeek: Wednesday Night Runways

Austin Fashion Week’s Wednesday runway shows were energetic and upbeat. While some trends overlapped, each designer’s collection was completely unique in style and shape.

Tropicouture of Houston, Texas launched the runway shows with a sophisticated flirtation. The bright colors and spirited prints were accompanied and perhaps contrasted by intentional and elegant draping and alignment.




  Lala of Austin, Texas incorporated a similar trend, but in a more formal way. Her pieces were still very structured and yet also playfully bright, making them a perfect escort into bolder summer styles. 



If you had a dark, mysterious, but super chic fairy godmother, she would be wearing Mysterious NPN. This designer from Houston, Texas, created dreamy, extravagant dresses using black and white fabric with eclectic gold accents. The drama of this collection will take your breath away and leave your imagination running wild.