Barbie Girl

This might be a little different than anything you would ever read at Created Woman and different than anything I would normally talk about unless you are one of my close friends but I’m going to spill a secret today. I’ve always wanted to be a mixture of Barbie and Elle Woods (Legally Blonde). I don’t know if it’s because of my blonde hair and blue eyes along with the fact that my signature color is pink or if I am just that strange. I’ve always owned it though and my friends and family know it.

Moschino has always been a little over the top with their collections and yesterday at Milan Fashion Week was no different. I believe Jeremy Scott had me in mind when he thought of the theme for Spring/Summer 2015. 


As the show began, Aqua’s hit from the 90’s “Barbie Girl” started playing while a lifesize Barbie in a pink dress with black polka-dots strutted down the runway. Following her came looks from workout Barbie, travel Barbie, Malibu Barbie and more. In true outrageous Moschino style, bright colors, eccentric prints and unusual accessories adorned the runway. 


Not only did Jeremy Scott channel his inner Barbie Girl in bright colors, he also showed styles in metallic gold and black as well as an exaggerated 1980’s high school prom, all still with that Barbie style. I loved the gold lamé trench coat with gold "Moschino" belt- tough girl vibe from Barbie. 

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Moschino has never been a brand that I am willing to spend money on and probably never will be, but it has been selling in huge numbers. With the release of this collection, I can only imagine that sales will continue to increase adding a customer base of  other girls like me who actually have money to spend on a tshirt that states “it’s very expensive being Moschino.” However, I may have to waste $85 dollars on a pink iPhone case shaped like a hand mirror. 



Featured images from Vogue