Beauty Night with the Girls: Forget the To-Do List

Girls Night Out…who has time?  Between work, classes, kids, to-do list, dinner, errands, volunteer work, kids, boyfriends, husbands, kids, family, exercise, homework, DIY projects…did I mention kids?  Who has time to have a night out with the girls?  After all, doesn’t the very phrase “Girls Night Out” = “Me Time?”  No way do us hard working girls who never sit down or have time enough in the day to check off every item on our to-do list have time for a our friends…ugh!

But wait….what happens to pursing the woman we were created to be when we are so exhausted?

Yes girls, having a night out with your girlfriends may just be what you need to refresh, relax, recalibrate and re-connect with your friends.  The very ones you’ve promised to hang out with but have put on hold because _____________ (you fill in the blank).

The Created Woman Family hears and knows you pain, because, well we’ve been there!  But there’s hope yet.  On Thursday, 8/8/13 we are PAMPERING YOU…our readers, fans…our GIRLFRIENDS.

Because we’re girlfriends, all be it via website or social media, we want to take down the digital wall and meet you, connect with you personally while pampering you.  Yep, there’ll be shopping, treats, drinks, giveaways and more….what else could you ask for to create the perfect girls’ night out?

Plus, you know all those models you’ve seen in the magazines wondering how they get so beautiful?  Well the CW beauty team will be there for hair and makeup touch ups.  You’ll get the special treatment just like those models you see in the glossy. (Sign up below)

Our amazing authors will be on site too!  Some will even have their very own books for sale.  Pick their brains; ask them about that article you just can’t get out of your head.     Laugh with them and tell them your story.  Who knows, your story just might be the next feature!

This is simply our way to say, “Thank You.”  Thank you for reading Created Woman.  Thank you for sharing your stories.  Thank you for being our friends!



So it is a date?


Thursday, 8/8/13

Aloft Hotel Austin

Check out all the amazing pop up shops  & details on the CW facebook page


Sign up for Hair/Make Up touch up times slots by clicking…HERE




No worries, you still can participate in the giveaways!  Join us on 8/8 on facebook to enter to win our Created Woman Lynnette Lewis’s book, Climbing the Ladder In Stilettos.  An impactful book that walks you through the steps of pursuing who you were created to be!



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